About Our World

It’s damn real-life – often messy – because we’re so often imperfect. It’s bold. Some days it’s delicious. Sometimes beautiful. Others, serious. Often, funny. It’s always distinctive and sassy. We like to think we have pretty damned good (and often dark) senses of humor. In short, we crack ourselves up.

There was no grace or cosmic shift in the moment we decided to share this – it was like any other moment where we both had had it with the daily effed-up minutia that was consuming our lives. We were shouting over each other and laughing – actually snorting, ‘casue that’s what actual women who don’t take themselves too seriously do – at each other about our own respective crap lists.

And there you have it.

We realized for forty some-odd years we had somehow tried to fit ourselves into that dipshit little box called perfection. Why? Damn good question. You’ve likely asked yourself the exact same thing (if you’re honest), and if you’re anything like us, the answer exists somewhere between the following: we read we could be perfect; therefore, we thought we could be perfect, and dammit, everyone else looked like they were perfectly doing a better job at it – whatever in hell that illustrious it was – than us. Careers, kids, husbands, social lives, fashion, shoes – OMG Shoes! – cooking, cleaning, home furnishings…yada, yada, yada. The list is always endless.

We’d like to note here that we love all the things we listed above (except cleaning), but we just don’t see the need to be perfectionists about anything, or do everything (our time is valuable, after all) – life is just too short. NO TOPIC is off limits for us. I suppose you could call us lifestyle bloggers, fashion bloggers, mom bloggers, food bloggers – whatever fits the bill depending on the post. We’re gonna write about everything, and likely be pretty irreverent along the way. But we’re serious, too. Sometimes…

We are calling bullshit on the perfectionist lifestyle – so all you moms out there who think your kids fart rainbows, and you cooked the perfect meal in the perfect kitchen for the perfect family, you’ve been warned. Just sayin’. The media lies when they say you can have it all – like that isn’t the DUH statement of the century. At the end of every day, something has to give, unless you’re Martha. Of course, at the end of her day, her integrity gave, and she did a wee jail stint. But who are we to judge? Perfection can be costly.

WE are Dangerously Beautiful women because we are calling bullshit and saying, “Hey, you over there. YES, YOU. Feeling like a complete hot mess who doesn’t know her name today. I feel ya.” Truthfully, how many days have you had where you couldn’t pull it all together, and you just wanted to reboot the day? The collective WE – the Dangerously Beautiful women of the world – give you that right. Now go have a glass of wine. Or a handle of vodka, depending on how badly that day needs to be rebooted.


Welcome to our irreverent world.

Paige is an original Southerner – alas, she lost the ‘where to live’ battle, and now lives in northern New England, as well. She is a mother of 2 darling cherubic teenagers – one still in high school, the other doing a PG year. She has been an adoring wife for 22 years, and someone who did it all with a perfect (HAH) career for over 20 years. In another life, she was the town baker and likely the librarian, and that translated into a deep love of baking and reading in this life (and she was likely the butcher and candlestick maker, too – because we women can do it all with a smile, can’t we?). Once she decides who she wants to be when she grows up, she might become the actual town baker. She is a self-proclaimed shoe whore, and also a massive fashionista.

Jean is also an original Southerner who migrated to northern New England about 10 years ago. She is the mother of 4: three of whom are college-aged and one grown adult. She finally found her dream job and dream home in small town America. She may not be the main writer, but she never fails to produce massively hilarious material. She is a self-proclaimed makeup whore and a massive fashionista.

We both feel we missed our calling in fashion – we are pretty stylish mavens. We get it, we’ve sold it, we love it in all forms.

Contact us at dangerouslybeautifulmoms@gmail.com

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