M&M Mint Cookies

My daughter left for training out West for the month yesterday, and she left us with a few requests:

  1. Please mail the packages that are coming in tomorrow- her new ski helmet and goggles.
  2. Send me the delicious coffee I left on the counter.
  3. Send me and my team homemade baked goods as often as possible.


Then she sends a text this morning saying she forgot a winter hat.

She’s a flippin’ skier. She’s out where it’s dumping snow. And she forgot a winter hat.

Utterly brilliant.

I called her a ding dong after she sent me that text. She’s lucky I was feeling nice.


She’s also a lover of things that can be hard to find. When these come out this time of year, she will buy many bags of them and stash them since they are otherwise hard to find the rest of the year.


You know, now that Halloween has ended, less than five minutes later, every single Christmas thing exploded onto the scene, so when I found these the other day, I bought up a bunch of bags. They’ll go in with all the other things she needed.

I found this M&M cookie recipe a while back on the Joy of Baking website, and gave it a whirl, since I was still looking for that WOW kinda bakery M&M cookie. I’ve tried a lot of OK recipes, and I figured this would be another meh recipe, but what the hell. I’d try. You never know till you try, and there’s always someone who’ll eat a lot of meh cookies.

But lo’, this… this is that kinda cookie that you find in the bakeries. This is the cookie you want to make. This was the cookie I’d been seeking out in taste.

Here’s the video (recipe below), and it’s worthy a watch, regardless. Click on the little menu on the upper left, and scroll down to recipe #74 for the M&M cookie video. I don’t know why the link doesn’t play the dedicated video… technology.

I’m guessing with the addition of Princess Cookie and Cake emulsion, you could even up that bakery-style flavor even more. And look at Wally World’s pricing (4th one) vs other places. Woah! It’s all the same product. Just price check everything to get the best deal.

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 12.44.45 PM.png

None of us likely want to know what’s in this product that makes it taste and work so well in cake and cookie batter, but I will say this stuff makes a flavor difference, especially in cookies.

Alright, a few notes. Cream your butter and sugars well. Like beat the snot outta them for 3-5 minutes. Scrape the bowl down several times.

I hardly ever do what I’m told in a recipe. I like my M&Ms IN the batter, so I mix them in. I know it’s not as pretty. Maybe next time I’ll go for pretty. Hers in the video were pretty.

I like pretty, too. It all tastes the same.

I used the black Zeroll scoop to get this sized scoop, which made a perfect sized cookie.

I slightly dampened my hands, and flattened the cookies a bit with the heel of my palm. For extra measure, I added a singular M&M in the middle.

Seriously, I crack myself up.


You can see how the M&M candies can bleed if you add the pieces to the dough. So much for M&Ms melt in your mouth not in your hand. Well, I actually suppose that does work here.

Doesn’t matter. These cookies won’t last long.


It says 14-17 minutes cooking time. You can see that my cookies are a little too brown at the edges for my own personal liking. I needed to lower the cooking time 1-2 minutes in my personal oven to get cookies that didn’t have that brown edging.

Also, I didn’t chill my dough. The above picture is straight out of the bowl.

I chilled the dough while the first batch was cooking, and didn’t press the dough down on the 2nd batch. I also reduced the cooking time by 1 minute. This is the result. The cookies aren’t as flat, and you can’t see the candies in the dough as well.


I think I need to chill the dough, and press the dough down with slightly dampened palms, put the M&Ms on top, not in the batter – you know, pretty matters – and reduce the cooking time to 12 minutes in my personal oven. I also need to reshape the dough when I press it down so each cookie has the best shot at being perfectly round.

Seriously, how do bakers get that perfectly round cookie every bloody time???!

No matter. These babies won’t last long once the girls crack into them.


I’ll get comments like Ooooo, you need to open a bakery. And I’ll merely comment I need to make these pretty.


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