Up Yours, Facebook.

Well there you go again, Mark Zuckerberg, winning and influencing friends.

BAHAHAHA. Yeah, right.

Several months ago, I went to post something to my Facebook page I had created for this blog, and the page was gone. Poof. Gone. Just like a bad blind date. Never to be seen again.

Thinking it a blip in the technological sphere, since they seem to be ever more present, I waited a few days and tried again. Then waited a few more, trying again.

Because I enjoy repeating myself and making efforts in redundancy my thang.

Reaching out to Facebook’s useless help squad, I got a message a few weeks later saying they’d look into my concern, but basically they do not respond to individuals.

How helpful. Asshats.

I commented about this on my personal FB page, most people saying the deletion of the page was something skin to blasphemy. This is why they’re my friends. And then someone sent me link to an article saying Facebook had deleted pages with potentially dangerous content. And since my page was titled Dangerously Beautiful, maybe I fell into that sinking ship.

Cause Dangerously Beautiful is really a dangerous thing.

If they zapped my page simply because the title contained the word dangerous then they are bigger dipshits than I ever imagined.

So I sent in another request. And got the same response.

In the end, the page for this blog is gone. And I no longer care. I have removed the link.

And I’m just about to delete my personal account, but I do like following my friend’s vacations, their children, their dogs and cats and horses, etc. It’s how I stay in touch with my former students and watch them blossom into these incredible adults I sometimes wondered if they could be.

I’m not worried about my information being out there. The notion of not being found or being hacked is so long gone for me that I can’t even begin to explain. I’ve had my airline accounts hacked and had others book tickets on my miles. I’ve had to replace my passport because my airline account was affixed to my passport, and even the US Passport Authority could not ensure me that my passport was safe at that point. Almost ev-ver-ry single time we travel, one of our credit cards gets hacked.

In the end, we’re simply ever changing our passwords, making them more and more encrypted, changing our credit cards like others might change underwear, and have every alert humanly possible set up on all our accounts.

You can follow us on Bloglovin, Pintrest, good ole’ email [sign up in the sidebar], and Twitter. Screw you, Facebook. We’re done.

See you in the blogging world, my friends. And thank you for your patronage to this fine site.

At least WordPress still is a good place, and I thank them for that, their awesome customer service agents with whom I can chat in real time, and actually seem to care about their clients.

Piss off, Zuckerberg.


  1. trkingmomoe

    I am not happy with Face Book either. I was shadow banned during the last election. Many of my friends were also banned at the same time. It was after the election that we figured it out. It was baffling because our discussions were very tame and polite because we have been friends for decades. So I now I can post but only with direct post to close friends and family. I only stay for the same reason you do. I only visit a few times a month.

    Several years ago I got an email from WP telling me how to open up an account for my blog on Face Book. I followed their step by step instructions and set up an account. It worked really well for a while and then I noticed a drop in my stats from there. Face Book started attaching a notice to my food blog account that they would promote me for a fee. I am retired and don’t have the income to use for this.. I thought the fees were high anyways since I am not monetized. In the last few months I have been debating about keeping that account open and deleting it. I just haven’t made that leap.

    They have been trying different algorithms to catch certain words and phrases since the beginning of 2016. It all has to do with politics and their checkered past, but I won’t go into that bucket of worms here. You are not the only food blogger that has been banned. I have seen several food blogs that own their sites with a statement saying they are no longer allowed to use Face Book so their followers knows what happened and other places they can be found.

    One of the food groups on Face Book has been using photographs of their recipes. They have always done this from the beginning because most of what they post is vintage sources. Algorithms cannot read pictures. I think they do that to show proof of the age of the recipe. It has protected them from algorithm net sweepers whether they realize it or not.

    If I was to bet, I don’t think Face Book, as we know it now, will be around in the future. Thank you for posting this. You are not the only one who has been caught up in FB’s death rattle.

    1. dangerouslybeautifulmoms

      Wow!! I’ve heard of shadow banning, but haven’t known anyone to whom it happened until you. It’s fairly unreal how their “algorithms” have massively screwed up what was meant to be a social meeting ground. And then they dipped their weaseling self into the political sphere. 🙄 that’s actually a huge pet peeve of mine – celebrities using their status to stand on whatever soapbox they deem worthy.

    1. dangerouslybeautifulmoms

      Yeah. I still haven’t heard anything. Shocker, huh? The whole privacy thing kinda makes me wanna go live in the woods in a shack by candlelight lol

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