Pumpkin Chili

When the weather starts to get a chill, I am that person who hunkers down and just wants warmth and comfort food. I start to bake like it’s my job [I’d like it to be some day], and our dinners become slightly heavier than the lighter fares of al fresco dining of the summer.

I tend to have a general disdain for the pumpkin spice craze that occurs like clockwork each Fall- you can read about it and other rando facts in the Fall Question Challenge. I do, however, like this pumpkin chili recipe because the use of pumpkin adds a subtle hint of flavor, without screaming pumpkin, and it adds a smoother texture to the base of the chili.

I often don’t think of chili as anything super heavy, especially how I make it, but this recipe uses turkey, which keeps the chili lighter and makes the meat a more healthy option than standard beef.

You can spice up the chili however you want, add beans if you want… as with any recipe, tweek it to make it to your liking. I will say that this is a staple in the Fall in our dinner repertoire, and it’s nicely spiced as is.

My only comment on the spices would be to use an ancho chili powder, as it adds a nice smoky flavor.

This is a recipe that I found in the New Hampshire Sunday News in 2005. My husband cut it out of the newspaper, but not before I wrote it down on a blank pumpkin picture that my kids then colored.


I much prefer the the handwritten version, but it might not make as much sense as the newspaper clipping – I’ve made this recipe so much I pretty much know it by heart.

Enjoy the waning foliage, the crisp air, the apple picking, and pumpkin carving!

Happy Fall!! 😍

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