Asian Pear Cake

I’ve spoken to you about my disdain for Mother Nature’s furry freaks in the prior post, Nan’s Applesauce. Let’s just say that them furry bastards and me ain’t friends no more.

Our apple and Asian pear trees are stripped of limbs and our neighbor’s actually looks like someone snapped the tree in half.

Like I said, furry war is on.

What is an Asian Pear, you ask? Looks like an apple in shape, with a pear skin. Tastes like a apple-pear blend.

In short, yummy.

When we first starting growing Asian Pears, I figured I could just make pear jam.

No. No you cannot. Don’t try, unless you want to waste you time and have dental work done.

Asian pears have a different acidity than a regular pear which make them somewhat unsuitable for canning in the same jam-like way other pears can be canned [say that 5 times real fast]. Not until I opened a jar of my Asian pear jam and bit into something crystallized that was akin to a chunk of glass did I learn this. I thought I’d broken a tooth.

There are recipes for Asian pear jam out there. I just stopped trying after a few fails – the recipes aren’t totally simple, and require things like calcium water. Huh? 

And then I found myhusbandcooks recipe on the site Group Recipes.

Amen and ha-lle-frickin’-ujah.

But, if I had a crop of Asian pears this year, this is the cake I’d make half a dozen of and freeze; it’s one of those old-fashioned cakes that freezes well, and when you have people call at 4pm and say, “Hey, whatcha doin? I’m coming over,” it’s the cake you can easily pull out of the freezer and have for your newly appointed dinner guests.

My husband’s family is notorious for these last minute dinner drop ins.

Since Mother’s Nature’s furry rats have decimated my crop this season, I had to resort to Whole Foods Market for Asian Pears. I may have to make another trip to get more so I can freeze a few of these cakes.

This cake is somewhat humble, as its roots are in a basic spice cake, but it’s a spice cake that’s been amped up a multiple notches.


I want you to think spice cake with an elegant twist of orange and Asian Pear.

I want you to just make this cake because it’s do gorgeous and simple and stunning. It needs nothing outside of a sprinkle of powdered sugar it’s so elegant.IMG_5193

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