Fall 2018 Fashion Trends: A Real Woman’s Take

Seriously, it’s been a while since I’ve talked fashion. I had to go back in this blog and check – the last time I talked about fashion was when Jean wasn’t working full time, and we were collaborating on this blog…two years ago. The last post I did about fashion was in Fall 2016.

Doesn’t mean I don’t still love the fashion industry, just means I’ve been talking a lot about travel and baking since I rejoined the blogging world after my hiatus. These seem to be my gig lately way more than fashion.

Trust me, I adore fashion. I have a closet full of clothes for the various lifestyles I choose to lead – it runs the gamut from über casual to über high style. I have a few things that are trendy, but they are often short lived in my closet.

I much prefer to live by Yves Saint Laurent famous quote, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.”

Jean and I are stylish bee-aches. Hands down, we are polished women who’ve whole-heartedly embraced our style. Jean’s style is very classic. I’m classic with a whole lotta twists.

As well, please note this – Jean and I absolutely understand the difference between style and fashion. Fashion comes and go with the season. It’s trendy. Style is a look you’ve embraced. We flat out rock our personal styles quite simply because we’ve embraced every aspect of them, from the makeup to the shoes.

A question we both often get in the great state of NH – or anywhere, truthfully – is Why are you so dressed up?! I got so tired of this question when I was working as a teacher that I finally started asking back Why don’t you? 

Often we get a response like I could never wear what you’re wearing. To which we both have learned to respond with two words, Why not?

It’s curious to us people can’t answer that question. It’s a question that generally stops most people in their tracks.

We both have deduced that people are afraid of their own shadows, mostly.

People are afraid to stand out.

Fact of the matter is, I don’t care what your fashion gig is – retro, high end, classic, modern, whatever – if you love what you have on and feel confident in it, you will rock the outfit.

Jean and I are always exploring, too; we see what’s trending (aka fashion) each season – and often it’s a roll around from not too long ago – and find a few pieces we like within our budgets to add to our closets.  If we end up loving it, we let the piece continue to play in our closet after that season. If not? Off to the consignment store or eBay it goes to put $$ back in the pot for another season.

We only invest in pieces we love that build our stylish wardrobes – pieces with timeless vibes that are well made.

Regardless of a season’s stay or a timeless stay, we both have to put on that piece of clothing and say, OMG, love it, in order for it to make it’s way into a permanent space in our closest. #tipstoliveby

It is unavoidable. Our summer’s are closing down and Fall is right around the corner. Like 9 days around the corner.

I live in northern New England, and to say I adore Fall is a gross understatement. It has always been my favorite season since I was a child, and every year here – even on a “bad” year, we are graced with gorgeous foliage.

Photo credit

The rich hues, the cooler days with crisp air, the notion of comfort foods.

Fall is always one of my favorite dressing seasons, as well – boots and sweater weather. Simply happiness.

But remember, we’re also irreverent, even about the things we love. We’re dishing (and dropping the F bomb) here about what was on the runway for this season…

Welcome to the real women’s take on Fall 2018 female fashion trends. I swear. Prepare to chuckle. Prepare to ask yourself WTF?, just like we did with a few of these.

We didn’t peruse the Internet, we simply searched Fall 2018 fashion trends and used Harper’s Bizaar’s guide. Trust me…  you can search for hours and hours online, and you will simply find weirder and weirder variations on all these trends. And there is plenty or weird to go around here.

Trend Numero Uno: Animal Print <meeeeoooowwww>

Ok, we’re actually on board with this, but shocker folks, this trend has been going on for, oooohhhh, I dunno…years. Some years it’s bold, some years it’s subtle, but it’s been here for a while, and likely going to stay in some way, form, or fashion. Go ahead and find a piece you adore and add it to your closet. It pairs with ev-ver-ry-thing almost. Have a red dress and animal print shoes? Stunning. Have an animal print jacket and black pants? You’ll look gorgeous.

We actually love the jacket above, and don’t dare ask the price, given it’s Victoria Beckham, and the shoes alone – which that model needs to friggin’ buckle up – are $925.

Oh, Hell. I had to look it up because curiosity called, and that jacket is $3,420 and only available in a UK 12. I’ll take 3 at that price.

Jean and I both own animal prints that we adore. You can go wildly bold like the Balenciaga cut out dress or the Tom Ford red animal print below. Neither print is too terribly bad, but you might not want to consider that dress if you consider yourself to have hips of any kind, and you better be real comfortable in your skin to wear that red. Meeeeooooowwww. All eyes will certainly be on you.

We dig the purse, though! Please let me know if you’re the type of person who purchased this. I want to meet you. Honestly. I have designer purses, but have never gone the close to $7K for a handbag that will barely fit my call phone. But if you did buy this, I might want to be your shallow handbag-salivating friend.

Feel free to peruse both their sites ’cause they might just shock you, humor you, and annihilate your bank account. Let’s just say if you like the shapeless look, you’ll love Balenciaga. Ooopffh. And if you’d like to look like a python or a tropical poison tree frog, there are a few Tom Ford looks you’ll be interested in.

Our take on this trend? 

Go subtle. Go bold and be a poison tree frog for a day or two. Do what you love with this. Animal prints are fun and fabulous, and we think everyone should embrace as much or as little as they like.

Trend Numero Dos: Modesty Dressing

As Harper’s states, In a post Time’s Up era, designers experimented with female sexuality and by and large the silhouette was decidedly covered-up. From extreme layers… to evening dresses worn over prim shirts and stockings, hemlines were kept low and necklines high…never has modesty been more pervasive than this season.

OK. Truth is, I don’t want to see your tatas or your lady bits, but this… this takes it to whole other extreme levels.

Clearly dressing for body type not longer matters, and making sure you balance out your body…who gives a shit. Put that ballooned-out bottom right below your arse. This jacket will consume you, your partner, and a few of your good friends. It’ll be like the clown car. Everyone just keeps piling out of this jacket.

I can’t even find it on the Balenciaga site. Go figure. It’s likely $5K and hopefully warm. If not, just pack a few friends in with you for body warmth.

The dress by Erdem on the left? Yes. The shirt under and the jacket over? Hell no. Come on. You just ruined a gorgeous evening dress by pairing a collared shirt underneath. You went from glam to librarian in one fell fashion faux pas.

And how do those stockings stay up???

The 40 Shades of Red abomination by Valentino on the right? Why? Just why? Why not just the dress? How about the jacket with the pants? But all three??? It’s like London’s calling the female body who’s under 40 layers of clothing…

Our take on this trend? 

We’ll all for not giving away the farm with your lack of clothing, but there is something to be said for being feminine. We loathe the whole androgynous, gender fluid BS that is permeating every facet of life. We were born with a sex – male or female. Women can easily embrace men’s fashion while still having a feminine form – think tailored menswear inspired suits. Now you know where we stand on that political front. Feel free to hide from your shadow in some clown car jacket, by all means, if you so choose.

Trend #3: Gloss

As Harper’s says, High-shine fabrics were key on the catwalks this season, whether vinyl, latex, plastic (a key look for summer 2018) or leather – offering a quietly dominatrix appeal.

Hmmmmm. A dominatrix appeal. Wasn’t the last fucking trend to hide the body and its sexual form???? Fashion, you are one fickle mother fucking bitch.

And please do note the commentary about the reuse of a trend from an earlier season. Fashion. It’s like karma. What comes around goes around.

Yes, I like this outfit. I have nowhere to wear it, but I kinda dig it. And knowing it’s Chanel, I know I cannot even fathom the price tag.  Hell, the model is wearing it on a walk through the woods, why can’t I or anyone else? Oh, because that model is maybe 15 and maybe hasn’t fully embraced form vs. function of outfits??

Again, it’s Chanel. I’m not even going to consider looking up the price. Actually, I am. Head to toe, for the bargain price of $29,475 (you can’t make this shit up), you too can be trendy this season.

Because everyone wears a $29,000 outfit for a walk through the fucking woods.

Congratulations on being a moron if this is what you spend on an outfit during any given season.

Let’s look at other ideas of gloss: Simone Rocha on the left and Fendi on the right. Curious dress style, but if that’s your gig, honey, you are gonna rock it. Just don’t go killing Sasquatch for the shoes. Find a nicer pair of heels. And the glossy über priced raincoat? I saw that forever ago in another high end designer’s store in New York for $6K. Fashion… comes around, goes around.

Save yourself several thousand dollars and get an actual raincoat that has warmth in the fall and winter when the weather is crappy, and get this Patagonia raincoat for a whopping $299. Patagonia knows their outdoor gear, and this will actually keep you dry.

I’m going to tell you a secret here, too. This jacket is actually waterproof. And warm. I likely saved you $6K. You’re welcome.


I’m all New England frugality right now. And oh, look. You can be all modest in it and hide your sexual body. Woot.

Our take on this trend:

We’re all for glitz and gloss. But we live in a cold-ass winter, and function absolutely must override form. Screw the lightweight jacket that squeaks when you move, and go for one with the primary purpose of warmth and dryness. Wear a shimmery, glossy shirt, dress, belt, or handbag underneath.

Trend #4: Statement Headwear

Harper’s states Knit balaclavas made a surprise return for autumn/winter 2018. 

I like statement hats – Jean and I are from the South for cryin’ out loud, land of the big hair and hat- but I’m going to let you see what high end designers are calling statement headwear.

Please enjoy the shitshow below.

I am not even going to begin to comment on the outfits. As my momma used to say, I wouldn’t wear that to a dog fight. She has a point. Some of these outfits might distract the dogs and you become their target.

That knit head thingee Calvin Klein showcased should be on if you’re outside on a ski slope. I’ll even say I don’t care if you’re snowboarding, and that’s a massive statement coming from a woman who lives with die-hard skiers. Do yourself a favor and buy a hat from a ski shop for several hundred dollars less. Your $50 hat will probably be warmer.

Um, the gal in the curiosity of a movie studio outfit….is this a new rendition of Catwoman? Is Gucci trying to bring on potential bank robbers into their clientele? Short of robbing a bank and needing to hide your face, where else does this headwear have function??

Someone will buy it simply because it is Gucci.

Gucci went for all out broke with the statement headwear in the bottom two pictures. Seriously. What. The. Fuck. is the girl on the bottom left wearing??? I didn’t see anywhere that American Indian kachina dolls were a fashion trend. Is she headed to a Pow Wow after the show? I know “Cowboy” is a trend, but I didn’t read anything about Cowboys and Indians.

I can’t even look at the picture without laughing. And laughing hard enough to snort. If you show up in public with that, well, Bless your heart.

And the gal on the right? Disney’s Incredibles character Frozone just got a female counterpart.

I’m not sure what’s more bizarre, the headgear this season from Gucci or Gucci’s decision to have models carry an exact severed head replica of the themselves down the runway this spring. You decide.

Either way, Gucci has statement headwear to a whole new level.

Image Credit


Our take on this trend? 

Just. Fucking. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I’m sorry for the language. Dear Lord these are an abomination to the n-th degree.

Trend #5: Tweed

Ahhhh, yes, tweed. Something your grandma wore in the 60s. If you’re close to my age, you likely wore it in the late 80s, early 90s.

$5 you can go to a good vintage shop and get a killer tweed jacket for under $50 and you’ll be amazingly on trend this season. And every bloody season.

Harper’s says, Add an air of heritage chic to your wardrobe next season by nodding to the tweed trend.

I’m cryin’ that they’re now calling it Heritage Chic. For fuck’s sake, just admit it’s been around for decades and move on. And ain’t Marc Jacobs soooo trend on for pairing that tweed jacket above with his leather. I can see the fashion journalists scribbling away, Designer Marc Jacobs goes for a Heritage Chic look pairing tweed with leather. Sooo fashion forward.

Please. I guess I was a trend setter back in college… When I did that with my tweed jacket and suede city shorts. Sorry millennials. Been there. Done that.

And the statement headgear aka black hat and scarf? It’s dramatic, slightly mysterious, and I kinda dig it. At least she doesn’t look like a wooden ceremonial statue or a comic book character.

I do very much like Louis Vuitton’s tweed skirt below. It’s only $2,450. But hey, that is actually an investment piece.


Oh, dear, Miu Miu. Here we go with the clown coat and modesty thing again.

Our take on this trend: 

Go to the vintage store and find a super cool jacket and rock it with a kick ass pair of jeans that are already in your closet. Find a gorgeous skirt in your price range that you can invest in. It will always be a classic. We promise. This season, and next.

Trend #6: Checks

I live in plaid Heaven. I live in checkered land. It’s called northern New England.

Again. Please tell me a time when plaid of some kind hasn’t been in vogue?

As Harper’s states, Plaid, Prince of Wales heritage or tartan, checks in all their many forms are key for the new season. 

Gee, thanks Harper’s.  I love the word “key” for the the new season. Really? Plaid was key two years ago. And likely years before that. Depending on where you live, plaid is a staple.

Lest Calvin not be a trendsetter, you can now own a plaid moo moo dress. If you’re worried you’re not making enough of a statement, make sure to throw on that headgear in a completely contrasting shade.

I’m surprised she’s not wearing headwear like antlers as a salute to hunters.

Erdem (kinda) gets it right. Funeral style headwear that can double dip for other formal events, a classic blazer and an updated plaid skirt where the pleats are meant to look like fringe. He’s nailing a few trends in one, but keeping it totally classic and classy.

Aaaannnndddd then there’s Versace, who must have watched the movie Clueless before sitting down to design that night. Because if this outfit doesn’t scream 1990s, I am not really sure what does.

Think I’m joking? Here’s Alicia Silverstone as Cher in Clueless in 1995Nuff’ said.


Image Credit

Our take on this trend: 

Jean adores plaid. She kinda lives in it. She has mastered the high/low concept and pairs her plaid shirts with a pencil skirt for work.

I actually have several plaid skirts from my family’s clan since I have Scottish heritage, and I adore them, wearing them whenever I can.

And if you wanna relive the 90s, go all out Cher. We support you.

Trend #7: Luxury Fringe

Alright. We can kinda get on board with this idea. Go back up to Erdem’s plaid skirt – it has that cool updated vibe with the way the skirt is cut. This season, fringing offers a refined aesthetic.

Phew. Because I am so done with the hippie look. So done.

For a night out, Givenchy offers us this highly priced shimmery outfit. Modest, classy, shimmery…Boom. Winner winner chicken dinner. Hopefully, she’s going out for a nice dinner in this outfit, not just a basic chicken dinner. Not so sure about those boots with this outfit, though.

As Harper’s informs us, Skirts with trailing ties layered over boots will be worn by all fashion influencers next season. AKA this fall. AKA go be some badass fashion influencer with your nifty luxe fringe and boots. Maaaayybeee some cowboy boots (see below).

We’re joking. Don’t you dare.

There’s a whole lot going on in the Loewe outfit above, but we kinda dig it. Fringe all over in a casual kinda dress. Warm Fall hues. So much for modest trend with all the cutouts up top. Apparently, some designers don’t play by certain trends.

I like them for this.

Why did Sasquatch have to die for all these ugly furry shoes?? Why?

Aaaaannnnnnddd Gucci for the all out win below.

Seriously. I can’t even comment other than What. The. Fuck?? And with sneakers. OMG.

What’s the acronym? SMH <shaking my head>.

The tassels on her nipples. I just can’t. I’d be hiding under that hat-mask, too.

Our take on this trend: 

The key word here in fringe is luxe. This is a detail that is meant to dress up an outfit. Hippies go home.

Trend #8: Cowboy

I do not live in the South any more, nor the Midwest or Rockies, but I know plenty of people who live the Cowboy life every day. Some are actual cowboys.

Hell. I’ve apparently been ahead of the game for years since I’ve owned my cowboy boots for years. I also seem to recall this trend being something that was in a few years back. Shocker.

But what do I know?

Oh, that designers recycle things and come up with nifty new names – like Heritage Chic for tweed. Geesh. I’m surprised they simply called this Cowboy. It’s way more like Urban Cowboy who’s never even left the concrete jungle.

Harper’s informs us that Isabel Marant {above} opened her show with Dolly Parton’s [song] Jolene, as models wore prairie dresses and cowboy boots (it’s worth digging these out now if you want to look ahead of the game).

Are they talking about digging out the boots or prairie dresses? I’ll pull out my boots. Uh-uh, NFW (you do the math on that acronym) on the prairie dress gig. You wanna look like Laura Ingles back on the prairie, be my guest. I’m just gonna sit here with my floral embroidered cowboy boots that go with pretty much everything.

OK. The Fendi outfit above is flat out forcing something simply because you lack the journalistic depth to explain it otherwise. The above look by Fendi has got to be one of the farthest things from a cowboy look I’ve ever seen.

I dare you to show up out West in the Rockies, in Texas, or down South in this getup thinking you’re remotely going to fit in.

Don’t get me wrong. I kinda like the outfit, but a high-priced silk neckerchief and high priced black boots posing as cowboy boots, paired with a glossy one piece romper, does not a cowboy outfit make.

She might fit in somewhere like Vail…outside of that? Good luck, kiddo.

Oh, Mr. Calvin Klein, you slay me.

Sure, your shirt has a Western “vibe” to it, and I am soooooo sure every cowgirl who works on a ranch or farm is rushing to spend their hard-earned cash on this curiosity.

And the boots? You’re absolutely joking, right? They’re about as cowboy as I am purple. Can’t recall the last time I saw a cowgirl in thigh high boots.

I’m guessing all these models are headed to a how-down immediately after the show in their super Cowboy outfits.

Our take on this trend: 

We both love our cowboy boots. Love them with jeans. Love them with dresses. Find a really cool pair you love. Invest in them. Just do not think for one second you will remotely fit in out West or in Texas in anything remotely like what it pictured above. Even the livestock will be laughing at you.

Trend #9: Leather

Really, really, designers? Really? Leather is now “in”? Please, pray tell when it went out. It’s like plaid. Tweed. Etc. Etc.

Saint Laurent nails it. You cannot go wrong in all black. It’s classic. Even when edgy, like above, leather can be classy.

I’ll admit, leather pants is the one thing I cannot bring myself to wear. For whatever reason, I just can’t. Maybe I just haven’t dropped the right chunk of change to get the proper pair. I can’t actually find the pants on the site, but given that the leather shorts are $2,290, I’m gonna go with these pants just might be outta might price range by about $6,000.

I’ve owned sleeveless leather tops and paired them under blazers for work. Edgy. Classic. I’m a teacher so people stared. People commented. I actually told someone to stop being afraid of their shadow and try dressing in something other than khakis and a polo shirt.

People are weird.

She didn’t talk to me for a few weeks after my comment. And she continued to show up in her teacher uniform of khakis and a polo shirt. Surprise, surprise.

But you, too, can own that kick ass cape above for a bargain $10,000. I’ll take 3 at that price so I can gift the others to 2 of my BFFs. We’d be so cute and utterly poor in our fashionable capes.

I’m all down for a cool leather jacket and a kick ass pine green skirt. I love that Givenchy did colored leather, or as they’re calling it petrol green. Hmmmm. Petrol. Pine. Fuel. Nature.

Potato. Po-tat-toe.

I can’t find the actual skirt, but there is a similar one for a bargain $3,155. What a curious price. Why not $3,000 or $3,500? Why the extra $155?

Our take on this trend: 

We adore leather. We own pieces. Go all dominatrix in full out leather. Maybe just do a jacket. Do what makes you feel good, ’cause it’s leather. And you deserve it.

For all you animal lovers out there, go find some vegan leather. I’ve owned some and rather liked it. But can we just call it fake leather, for the love of all that is good and kind?

Vegan leather has got to be one of the dumber oxymorons out there.

Trend #10: Hoods

Finally, the fashion industry might have had some sense knocked into them. It’s cold in the winter, and brutal if you’re in certain areas.

I’m not a hoodie kinda gal, but I appreciate the idea Versace has come up with below:

I just wander what her hair looks like when she removes this once she’s inside. Snappy outfit, though. Maybe she stays all diva-ish and leaves it on.

And then there’s this… Margiela is calling this luxe streetwear. We’re calling it out as fugly.

Hopefully, it’s warm. Can’t find it on the site, but a far less adorned padded jacket was $2,385.

Sure. If you want to look like a Telletubby.

Image Credit

Valentino gets the hoodie right with a fairy-tale inspired cape. I’d totally wear this. If I could afford it. It’s Valentino, after all.

Our take on this trend:

God bless the fashion industry for actually acknowledging that we lose 60% of our body heat through our heads. Finally slight amounts of function are joining form. Can I get an Amen?! Can’t afford a hooded jacket? Get a good hat. Want to save yourself thousands? Get a Canadian Goose jacket- they’re still expensive, but thousands cheaper than a high end designer name. Besides, they’re freakishly warm and quite fashionable.

Our Overall Take on Fall 2018:

We love some of the ideas and many of the pieces that sauntered down the runway. We laughed at more than we genuinely liked. Remember, runway fashion and what trickles down to the actual average consumer are two very different ideas.

Style is the part of you that’s owned how you regularly dress. It transcends fashion and trend, and allows you to express who you are through what you wear. Trends come and go, and come around again, and again, and again. Some are classics that never really left the stage, but were outshined by other weirder – think statement headwear – ideas.

Wear what you love. Find a store that fits your budget. Express your style.

And remember, as Jean and I are frequent to say, if this is fashion, we’re OK with being frumps. And trust me, we are the farthest things from frumpy that you can imagine.

And one final question: Why do runway models always look so pissed? Seriously, these girls are sauntering down the catwalk in some of the most expensive designer pieces some people pay thousands and thousands of dollars for. Why so friggin’ grumpy. Maybe they need a good cheeseburger.

I’d be skipping down the catwalk.


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