Waste Not, Want Not Peach Crumble

I think I had lived another life during the Great Depression.

I cannot waste food. Throwing leftovers away is a cardinal sin in my house.

While I never got the signature line There are starving children in Africa, I think my parents scarred me by making me eat everything on my plate all the time. And making me eat leftovers multiple times a week.

As summer comes to a close in these final weeks, I am finally done making my famous Peach Salsa, but God forbid those final few peaches clinging to their last leg of life go wasted.

And God forbid my husband not remind me there are a few peaches still clinging, possibly rotting off the tree.

Rotting peaches on trees in a heinous, wasteful cardinal sin.

Marriage. ‘Nuf said.

Inspiration struck. Like Gru from Despicable Me, I had a lightbulb moment.

I took those final gorgeous globes, sliced them up, tossed them in a dish with some sugar,  nutmeg, cinnamon, and King Arthur Flour’s Pie Filling Enhancer.

Peaches are sometimes ridiculously juicy, and I know the Pie Enhancer will thicken the juice perfectly without creating the gel texture and odd flavor cornstarch can sometimes produce. I couldn’t care less what thickener you use, just use whatever thickener you normally would use for juicy pie fruits, because über ripe peaches will suck the life out of a pie crust and a crumble topping.

Then, I topped that mixture with the leftover crumble topping from those insanely delicious Blueberry Crumb muffins I’d thrown in a bag and kept in the fridge. Cause that crumble topping made a butt load – enough for 2-3 batches of muffins.

Only difference I made to the crumble topping  was I added some oats till it looked good, and chopped up some pecans I just got from Sunnyland Farms till it looked good – you know, the whole eyeball it measuring technique. Same thing I did with the spices.

And this beauty was the result. Deeelish!


Just don’t do what I did and think your nutmeg would actually sprinkle out of the container it was in… mine dumped into the bowl. Let’s just say this should be called Nutmeg Peach Crumble because nutmeg was the prominent flavor.

Good thing it’s almost fall and we like nutmeg.

I always have Steve Miller’s song line Really love your peaches wanna shake your tree going through my head when I talk about peaches.


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