Blueberry Crumb Muffins

I’m a sucker for a cookbook on sale, so I avoid this aisle. Hell, I avoid bookstores altogether because I love books – my husband once banned me from buying more books. True story. God bless the Kindle. Then God bless Audible.

I read cookbooks like I would read a regular book, except I DO NOT want my cookbook in electronic fashion. I want to be able to get that book dirty while I make the dish. Call me weird. You wouldn’t be the first. I especially like the cookbooks with the pretty food pictures that I will never achieve. I think I liked picture books as a kid.

True Blueberry: Delicious Recipes for Every MealI think I paid $7 for this cookbook, and look at me savin’ you some dough. B&N has this hardback book for a whooping $1.99.

This is bargain cookbook day – a buck 99 for this and a buck 99 for the Cooking Light cookbook to make fresh corn bread. Recipes on the cheap. Or cookbook hoarders anonymous…I suppose that’s all in perspective.

Growing up, the only blueberry muffin that was ‘homemade’ in our house came from a Betty Crocker box mix. And trust me when I tell you my sister and I would fight over who got to make that box mix for dinner. I believe my sister and I were the first to create a “no _____ left behind” campaign in the late 70s…no blueberry muffin left behind. When we got the luxury of making blueberry muffins to go with dinner, never did one get left over. I think my sister and I each ate 3-4 muffins. Screw the protein or vegetables.

Imagine my joy as an adult to discover how easy it is to make homemade blueberry muffins. Further imagine my joy when I can walk right out my front door to my multitude of blueberry bushes and just pick them in late July/early August and make homemade muffins to my heart’s abandon.

You know, it’s the little things in life…Like realizing as an adult that blueberry muffins don’t need to come out of a box. Only a kid of the 70s/80s might truly get that notion.

Going back to my cookbook problem – when I come across cookbooks specific to the types of fruits we have on property, I tend to have a particular weakness. Enter true blueberry by Linda Dannenberg. This book is a decent $1.99 investment, because there are other recipes I’ve made in here in the past that make the $1.99 you’ll spend on this book a worthwhile spend.



My Thoughts After Baking:

There are no secrets to making these muffins. Simply follow the instructions. If you can read, you will make a lovely muffin.

You don’t need to use a food processor to make the crumb toping. I am a lazy bastard who didn’t want to walk downstairs into my boiler room and schlep out the heavy food processor back up to the kitchen, so I did this by hand. Guess what? The result was perfect. Your crumb topping should look and feel like wet sand.


Remember my comment about lumpy dough in your cornbread? Same gig applies here, maybe even more so. When a recipe tells you to mix the ingredients until just combined and the ingredients are moist, they mean it. The more you mix any wet ingredient with flour, the more you will develop the gluten…and in a muffin, where you’re looking for a delicate crumb, you unequivocally DO NOT want to develop the gluten.

Ever had a gummy, tough muffin? I have. They suck.

You want a nice crumb in a muffin.


scoopNow, the amount of crumb topping you will make for this recipe seems like a shit-ton, and I am here to tell you, it is. I used my orange Zeroll scoop to put the crumb topping on, which seemed like quite a bit, but there was quite a bit of crumb topping in my bowl.

Even with patting the crumb topping into the dough, most of it fell off to the surrounding muffin tin. So what did I do? Kept adding more crumb topping.

Put it this way, you will simply end up with a shit-ton of crumb topping left over. Don’t be throwin’ that stuff away, though. Bag it up and save it for another round of muffins. Or a blueberry crumble…or blueberry something.

The recipe states it makes 12 Texas sized muffins or 24 regular muffins. This recipe makes more like 26+ regular muffins, depending on how you fill the muffin cups. I filled the cups almost full, and made 26 muffins. Unless you’re cooking for a small army or family reunion, make sure you have some neighbors/friends you like to whom you can deliver these goodies.

These muffins are DELICIOUS! Moist (I don’t have issue with that word), tender crumb, flavorful, worthy of hoarking the whole batch down in one sitting. The only thing I added to the recipe was adding a full teaspoon of cardamom to the crumb topping because I know cardamom plays nice in the sandbox with blueberries. It’ll add a nice flavor layer. Promise. 🙂

And go the extra mile and look for some cute muffin cups, like these blueberry ones. I found them at King Arthur’s actual store in Norwich, VT. They aren’t online, but they have product in store that sometimes doesn’t show up online. These lil’ paper cups just make the end product that much better!

So, if you don’t have blueberry bushes on property because you live in semi-rural ‘Merica, run to the local farm stand or grocery store (blueberries are in high season), and buy up a whole bunch! Make these beauties! Eat these beauties. Enjoy summer’s fruits! 

Do you know the Muffin Man? If not, just become the Muffin Man.







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