Corn Bread with Fresh Corn

Cooking Light Annual Recipes 2005Sometimes you hang on to cookbooks for random reasons that you can’t explain. This… this baby to the left is one of the ones I’ve held in my collection for ooohhh soooo long, and at this point, I feel I owe it to the book to keep it and continue to give it a good home.

Besides, there are worthy recipes within. You, too can still own this book for the bargain price of $1.99 if you order it through Barnes & Noble.

You’re welcome.

True, here, I am likely breaking some copyright law sharing this recipe, but fact of the matter is, I am also guessing that Cooking Light has also made this recipe better in the last, oh, 13 years.


The recipe is actually pretty straight forward. Just follow everything as above.

My Thoughts After Baking:

  1. Your batter will be lumpy. I say this because I tend to remain surprised at how many people feel they need to beat the ever loving shit out of batter until it’s über smooth. NO!!! For the love of all that is good and kind, JUST NO! IMG_4317
  2. See above? Lumpy, dumpy. Just leave it.
  3. Now, if you’re like me, you repeatedly miss steps in the mixing process, and pray that what you’re doing won’t completely fudge up the recipe. Good news is, that when you forget to mix the whole corn with the milk/mix mixture, the end result is perfectly dandy.IMG_4318
  4. Now I have a few comments about the end result…
    1. I baked for the said time, but the cornbread didn’t look golden; it just looked slightly white-ish, so I baked it another 5 minutes, and the top was golden. But, the end result seemed slightly dry, but also see my next comment:
    2. DON’T be like me. I used corn that “needed to get used.” AKA corn that had sat on the counter for several days too long. In the end, corn that was drying up. It wasn’t bad, per se, but it wasn’t fresh corn.
      1. I suppose in this regard, my title is complete bullshit, huh?
  5. So, my notes to you are this…
    1. I’ve said it a ton of times, INGREDIENTS MATTER! (I’m good at doling out advise. Not so good at listening to myself some days)
    2. USE FRESH CORN!!!
    3. I think the extra 5 minutes to get the golden color wouldn’t matter if I used fresh corn – the recipe tells you to scrape the cob with the back of a butter knife to get the ‘milk’ from the corn. Fresh corn is full of extra ‘milk’. I didn’t milk my cob so well ’cause there weren’t much milk to get…
    4. Learn lessons from my dumbass mistakes. In this case, fresh is best.


In the end, it wasn’t something that a little extra butter and a drizzle of honey couldn’t fix.

Personally, I prefer moister, sweeter cornbreads, but I didn’t tell anyone of my boo-boos, and they all said it was quite nice.

So there. Go get some fresh corn from the farm stand, and enjoy the deliciousness of summer.

A Note of the Cast Iron:

The recipe tells you to lightly oil the cast iron skillet – a well seasoned one is one of the best pans you can have in your arsenal. They damn well mean only 10 minutes – it’s a HOT oven into which this cornbread goes. I didn’t do my timing so well, and I ended up having to do a serious scrub with steel wool and coarse salt afterwards. It wasn’t because anything stuck, but the oil pooled in the pan and started to cook vs just be a layer…mix your ingredients, then heat your pan… you’ll thank me later.

Thumbnail image credit (Author: Couleur)


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