Sweet Old Church Lady Lemonade Pucker Cake

I’ve fully reconciled myself with the fact that my #365daysofbaking will not be consecutive days. Rather, I will get #365daysofbaking in over the course of as short a period as possible. And then I’ll just likely start all over.


It was more important for me to go watch my daughter race at Junior Nationals out West then to bake. She got the recognition she was seeking from college coaches at Senior Nationals – starting in the 50s and landing solidly in the top 15 among some of the best skiers out there – and she placed in the top 10 in GS at the Junior Nationals. Not a bad showing. Pretty proud of the lil’ munchkin.IMG_1570.jpg

Cool hat, I know. So matchy-matchy with my jacket.

It’s Eisb√§r, and there are so many hats there I love…Tell my beautiful friend Debbie, who runs it all, that a crazy, sarcastic ski-racing mom with a short skier who went to school with her daughter sent you. She’ll deduce who it is that sent you to purchase these gorgeous hats ūüôā

So what’s the saying when you fail at your original challenge and then modify it…When life throws you lemons, you make lemon cake? Sure! Why not.

I call this recipe Church Lady Lemon Cake. There is zero disrespect in the name; rather, much intended love for the darling old church lady who gave this recipe to a friend of mine at a church potluck many moons ago. Truth is, my friend didn’t even know the lady, she just loved the cake and asked someone who made it, and eventually this sweet old lady happily passed on the recipe. When you read the recipe, you can see why the sweet ole’ gal knew it by heart:


It’s a ridiculously simple cake and one of my favs. Clearly,¬†though, this is not a recipe for anyone who values diet, cholesterol intake, or their cardiovascular health. There is¬†nothing¬†remotely healthy about this cake.

But who in Hell cares? If you’re a lemon lover, this cake is your proverbial slice of Heaven.

Life is about moderation. If you made this every week, you should, perhaps, seek some nutritional help for a cleaner diet; but, if you’re making this once in a blue moon (even this year when we have 2 blue moons) for a church potluck or just for your family, go for it.¬† Just know, everyone will want to be your BFF at that potluck, and your family will hug you tighter.

If you’re not a lemon lover, BOO on you. That’s all I’ve got to say.

My Thoughts After Baking:

  1. I know this for a fact… beating all the ingredients for the full 10 minutes is critical to the success of this cake coming out of the pan. I don’t know why. I don’t care why. Maybe it’s because all the chemicals in the cake mix and the instant pudding mix need to marry? But I do know that the 1st few times I made this cake, I cheated on the 10 minutes and failure ensued getting the cake out of the pan. When I bemoaned the ‘stuck to the pan’ cake issue to my friend who gave me the recipe, her 1st question was, “Did you beat it for the full 10 minutes?”¬†Beat the ingredients (minus the lemonade concentrate) for a full 10 minutes.¬†See how nicely the cake pulls away from the edges of the pan? Trust me when I tell you this will not happen if you don’t beat the shit out of the ingredients with the whisk attachment for the full 10 minutes.IMG_3982
  2. Just set a timer, make a good cup of coffee, sit down and enjoy it, day-dreaming about the lemon lusciousness to come.
  3. Once you take the cake from the oven, leave it in the bundt pan, and pour the 6 oz. lemonade concentrate over the cake while it’s warm. The thawed lemonade concentrate will soak into the warm cake and create a slice of Heaven for you.¬†But, if you’re like me and realize you forgot the lemonade concentrate and need to go to the store¬†after¬†your cake comes out of the oven, you can take a dowel and poke holes into the cake to make sure lemonade gets into the cake. By all means, poking holes into your cake with a dowel at this point makes complete sense.¬†IMG_5846
  4. Once you’ve poured the lemonade over the cake while it’s still in the pan, wrap the whole pan in tin foil, and place it in the fridge for 6-8 hours.
  5. Make sure you allow the cake to set in the fridge for the full 6-8 hours; this ensures the lemonade concentrate will fully soak into the cake.
  6. This cake is nice without the lemonade, if you’re fool enough not to add it. I almost say the word nice with a wince…Truth is, the cake without the lemonade is somewhat lifeless in comparison to the cake with the lemonade concentrate poured on. The lemonade is like a syrup that not only permeates the cake, seeping in for luscious goodness, but also creating a gooey outer layer – it all gives the cake the tart pucker that I adore.
  7. Maybe I should rename this cake Lemonade Pucker Church Lady Lemon Cake?
  8. Boo on you if you don’t like lemon.
  9. Yes, this cake will actually stay fresh in your fridge for 2 weeks. Tested it when I first got the recipe years ago.
    1. None of us likely want to know why…I’m going with the chemicals in the pudding and cake.
    2. Just embrace that this is one of those old fashioned cakes our 90 year old grandmas grew up on. And guess what? They’re still kickin’, so I’m not so sure I am worried about making this cake every now and again.
  10. The simplicity of this cake is its beauty. I’ve seen gorgeously decorated cakes that grossly miss the mark on taste, and then there are cakes like this… they’re so simple in presentation, yet have exceptional flavor. In this case, intense, pucker up lemon flavor.
    1. You want to make it pretty, throw some blueberries and strawberries in there. Or on the slice. You go with your badass self being all fancy with a simple cake. I approve. IMG_5215

GO AHEAD and cut yourself a small slice of gooey, lemon-puckering goodness. Then go to church this Sunday and hug a dear old church lady who brings something good to the potluck after.


When life throws lemons at you… make Church Lady Lemonade Pucker Cake ūüėČ

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