Baking for Love

I set out this New Year’s to create real, viable goals. Not lose weight – did that last year, just not as a New Year’s goal; it came more from the fact that I looked like a muffin spilling over the top of my pants. Not cool.

Not join a gym and get in shape – again, did that a few years ago because I needed a physical outlet for daily life stress. I’m now a purple belt in kickboxing, working towards a blue belt. Don’t piss me off.

On this particular turn around the sun, I set out with a word: learnThere are many facets to that word for me that go into a deeper level, but in the most simplistic terms, I chose the following to learn:

  • a new language
  • what recipes would be best for my bakery over the rainbow

Truth is, I’m doing each of my goals, just a little slower than I thought.

  • I’m learning Italian; I said if I ever traveled there again – and I’m going again this July, I’d at least know a few key sentences so I could attempt to communicate. I purchased Pimsleur, and am learning Italian slowly. After the first few lessons, they start speaking in full out Ferrari mode, and I have to listen to each lesson at least 2x to learn anything. Among other things, I now know how to say “Do you understand English?” Le capisce l’inglese? That should get me through the door. If their answer is Non capisco l’inglese, I’m officially screwed.
  • My #365daysofbaking challenge is going slowly as well. There’s been a lot going on with our son for several months, and then I got the flu, and well…I never said it would 365 days of consecutive baking. This is what I’m having to tell myself knowing that I am damn close to 4 full weeks behind actual day-to-day baking. Life must come first. In actuality, my family must come first.

In the midst of it all, I started to get irked at my baking challenge because I wasn’t in the right mindset – I woke up and said, “OMG, gotta bake this and write about it…gotta do that or I’ll fail another day, and be even more behind.”

DUMB thought process. Winter is always rough for me psychologically. Like with writer’s block, sometimes you just have to walk away to gain fresh perspective. And, I did just that. I walked away for about a week, and I started to miss baking. Instead of waking each morning and telling myself if I didn’t bake I was failing my challenge, I woke and thought, “Who can I bake for today?” And lo, that changed my perspective, and I started to bake with love again.

Today, I bake Very Lemon Lemon Cookies and Betty Crocker’s Angel Food Cake (I’ll write about this recipe in a bit) for my son. I’ve made the cookies before in the #365daysofbaking, but today, I make them and one of his early childhood favorite cakes for an early birthday dinner for him before he leaves tomorrow to head out West for several weeks.

And they are made extreme with love. Because this kid has strength of character beyond so many his age, and what he’s been through for the last few months (which actually is the culmination of about 1 1/2 years, we learned) is more than he ever should have had to deal with.


While it’s a girl in the picture, and he’s a boy, the sentiments remain… words hurt.

It’s time to put an end to bullying.

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