That Funny Lil’ Favicon


Meet our new favicon!

Don’t know what a favicon is?? It’s that teeny weenie lil’ image that shows up on the website tab. It’s always kinda bugged me that the WordPress logo appears on mine. 

WordPress, I love ya and all, but you give me an identity crisis some days.

And I suppose today was the day I put my big girl britches on and paved a new path. I think last time I tried this, it was a plugin, and well… I am so not there yet. Or just lazy. Maybe cheap because I’m really not wanting to pay for a theme that gives me plugins.

Some of you get me here. I already pay for a custom domain, so, yeah…cheap it is. I’m all good with it, too. But WordPress musta had a change of heart somewhere along the way, or I’ve simply had a massive brainfart and didn’t know this was free. Either way, it’s free – aka cheap – and super easy.

So this is my blog header. It ties in perfectly with who we are (well, Jean is a ghost presence on this blog, but nonetheless a presence) and our general philosophy. It’s always nice to revisit your roots (or have them done every 5 weeks like me):


Ghost Jean and I are the farthest things from perfect that the very good dear Lord placed on this Earth, and dammit, that is exactly what makes us beautiful. And we think we’re pretty fuckin’ hilarious. Most days, anyways.

The above quote drives our blog title. We be bee-u-tee-ful. We be funny as hell. I guess that makes us addictively dangerous?? Eh, I’m not going to dig too deeply tonight on this.

We are perfectly imperfect. Join the revolution.

Yeah! Us!

Being so imperfect is why we have another image that is dear to our heart: our Twitter and Facebook image – go ahead and slide right on over to the right and like us in the social sphere:


So she is now our favicon. And we love her. Dearly. Deeply.

This gal just sums us up in a nutshell. 

I can’t help you if you don’t know what she’s doing.

If you’re curious how to make your own favicon cause you’re not a Business user or beyond, read on. I looked up how to and the directions were just different than what I saw, so I’ve made you a picture book:

  1. Go to the My Site panel (left of screen), click on Themes:step1
  2. In the top middle of your screen will appear the bar with your Current Theme. Click on Customize: step2
  3. You’re now on the Customize screen. Click on Site Identity (o the left panel):step3
  4. Scroll down to Site Icon. Upload your new favicon 🙂


We like to think of favicons as favors for your site 🙂 Go ahead and make your site favilious!

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