Claire’s Very Lemon Lemon Cookies. Yes, This is the Actual Name of the Cookie. Very Lemon Lemon Cookies

Claire's Very Lemon Lemon Cookies

It’s still winter, in case you don’t live in the Northeast; although, this week we’re supposed to hit 66 degrees. Then there’s snow in the forecast for the next few days after.

It’s the classic statement on New England weather:

It’s just life in a Northern town. Give it 5 minutes and the weather will change.

Meanwhile, in fruit news, it’s still citrus season. While these cookies are amazing any time of year – trust me, I make them about once a month for my son…it’s his favorite cookie ever – these are worthy of a citrus season celebration. These cookies are bursting with lemon flavor that makes you pucker up and smile all at once. Someone please take a picture of this and post it in the comments.

The recipe is nowhere online in King Arthur’s online recipe reserves. Before they changed their packaging and became a tourist destination (and I still adore them), their proprietary products were in bags, and their Lemon Juice Powder had this recipe on the back of the bag.

Amazon also sells this, but it’s through King Arthur, and it’s actually more expensive via Amazon. Go to the source on this one: King Arthur rules at baking for a reason. King Arthur also has Lime Juice Powder and Orange Juice Powder that you could easily exchange for the lemon juice powder, just make sure you exchange the lemon oil in the recipe for the corresponding powder you use. All make equally amazing cookies… I know. I’ve made them all this way. Another fun idea is to do a lemon-lime cookie. Use one powder and the other oil.

So glad I saved this gem. When Claire used the word lemon back to back in the title, Claire damn well meant very LEMON!


There is no secret to this recipe other than making sure you have the right ingredients. The lemon juice powder is a key to the power-pucker-punch of lemon; the oils you can find online, also from King Arthur, but I often find them in food aisle at TJ Maxx or Marshalls, honestly! The oil is also a major key to the power-pucker-punch of lemon flavor. Or lime. Or orange. Pick your citrus here.


The key to the picture below is to make sure you use a good cookie scoop, like the one I told you about in the Andes Mint Cookies. Scoop out that dough, gently roll in your hands, roll in sugar, bake.

Perfectly sized cookies each time. I used the purple scoop again this time, which is a bit larger than called for in either recipe. I get less cookies, but I also get a whole lotta cookie love.


The darker dots in my cookies above come from the addition of dried European lemon peel. I wondered if it would add another flavor note. If you can manage to bite down into one of the minuscule pieces, it does add another small pop of tartness, but it wasn’t a whole new resounding flavor note with this added in. Go balls to the wall with it, and let me know if you find a flavor difference.

IMG_7037 2

These cookies will make you pucker up, make you smile, and bring warmth to your winter. They’re like bright balls of yellow, happy sunshine.

IMG_7038 2

I would like you to note a few things:

  1. My images are getting better. The yellow lighting in my kitchen works well with these lemon cookies.
  2. Outside of the Brace Yourself meme, which was not mine, I did not swear in this post. Well, I did once. Only a wee swear.

Brace yourself meme


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