The Encourage-mint Cookie: Andes Mint Cookies

Andes Mint cookiesWhen you’re down and out, or just feeling blue, need a pick-me-up, or need a cookie to say, “Baby, I love you,” let the Ande’s Crème de Menthe Chunk Cookies be your encourage-mint.

I needed love in my #365daysofbaking challenge, so I turned to a tried and true recipe that will soooo be on hand all the time in my bakery, if for no other reason than I may want to hoark the whole batch myself.

Welcome to the secret recipe:

I suppose if you had a box of the lil’ Andes mints hanging around your kitchen, go ahead and spend the extra time to chop them up, but I very much like convenience, myself. I’ve spent enough “there is no shortcut to this laborious task” labor of late making grapefruit, cranberry, and orange marmalade to really care to chop up mints when I can just as easily buy mints that someone else has chopped up for me.

Maybe this convenience costs a few extra pennies, but dammit, it is so worth it.

You literally cannot screw up these cookies. It’s like the No Fail Sugar Cookies where I added everything at the wrong time and the cookies still came out delicious. I know I’ve made these exactly as the recipe on the back of the bag above shows: you just dump in the butter, sugars, soda, powder, vanilla, and eggs all at once. I have also made these with whole wheat flour when I didn’t have white flour. While the taste was nuttier, everyone still loved these.

Someone once told me these cookies shouldn’t exist. I told him to shut up.

I decided to not follow the recipe as written this time, and to cream the butter and sugars 1st:IMG_7019

See? No butter chunks in the dough. No chunks of butter in the mixture = no lacy cookies.

It’s been a while since I’ve made these cookies, but I didn’t want to risk pockets of butter in the dough based on the same instructions as the Oatmeal Scotchies: dump in butter, sugar, eggs and vanilla, and mix all at once. Those cookies became lacy because of the chunks of butter. I did not want lacy mint cookies, since a lace factory I am not, so I simply creamed the butter and sugars before adding the eggs and vanilla.

Dear Lord, can I say chunks of butter, lacy, or creamed one more time? (chunks of butter, lacy, creamed).

Shoot me, I’m 5 again.

The dough is thick and stiff – like you could squish it into a dense ball and maybe gets a few good passes out of it before the minty soccer ball-like dough would fall apart.


Get yourself a good cookie scoop, like this Zeroll one below (the link I give is one of the cheapest I saw online – no, I get no kickback. Not that blogger…yet). There are multiple sizes you can get, each color coded for a specific size – OOOOOOO, color coding for ease. Me likey.

This one supposedly gives you .71 oz each scoop. I’ve never actually weighed a scoop of this dough with this scoop, but I do know this is a good size for a cookie. Good enough for me.

How’s that for scientific measure?

A little note on the whole chillax in the cold with this cookie dough: I have made these without chilling the dough, and they still came out uniform in size with only slightly more spread. When you chill this dough, its stiffness will make these cookies bake up a little like domes. Just tap those wee domes down with your spatula, like you’re gently spanking those naughty cookies, and they will flatten right into perfection.

Using the above purple scoop, you get perfectly sized cookies each time. IMG_7021

Below would be an even lovelier picture if I didn’t have such yellow lighting in my kitchen:IMG_7022

I have gorgeous handblown hanging lamps that have yellows, browns, and reds…this casts such a yellow hue on everything at night:IMG_7044.jpg

I’ll say it again: When you’re down and out, or just feeling blue, need a pick-me-up, or need a cookie to say, “Baby, I love you,” let the Ande’s Crème de Menthe Chunk Cookies be your encourage-mint.

Encourage mint thumbnail image


    1. dangerouslybeautifulmoms

      They’re delicious!! But if you’re not a mint fan… 😞 maybe just try chocolate chunks? The dough is different than other cookie doughs and I’m not sure if that’s specific to these chunks? Can’t imagine, but the creamy inside of the Andes mint might play into how the stiffer dough works in this recipe??

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