Better Than Anything Toffee


Sing it with me, “I Want Candy!” Sometimes you just want candy in your #365daysofbaking

I absolutely loved this song. Pretty much still do. Something about 80s pop music…

Pintrest, you kill me. I go on, find 4872 recipes every day that I love, Pin them, and forget about them. It’s like an online recipe box of shit I’ll never make. Maybe that’s my goal next year, make all the recipes I have pinned on my Pintrest account. I’ll create a whole new personal hashtag #BullshitRecipesonPintrest because I cannot fathom how many fails actually exist within the recipes I’ve pinned.

However, I did find this recipe titled Better Than Anything Toffee. I dunno that it’s better than anything, but it’s pretty damned good. And easy. And you know what? After being the central character a few too many times in the kitchen gods’ reality show Mortal Failure: Watch the Fool Who Wants to be a Baker, I need a few #PintrestWins.

Trish, our lovely toffee making blogger is clearly getting free butter kickbacks from Challenge Butter, and kudos for her for figuring out how to use blogging to get free stuff – I’ve managed to get some free Tahana caramels that were amazing.

Clearly, I need to step up my hashtag game online.

My point here is, while butter is generally butter, some is actually made really well, some is better for certain recipes than others, and some is primo butter – think European cultured butter. It actually all depends on a few things: what the recipe calls for, what your taste preferences are, and actually, what your budget is. Some butter can be pretty friggin’ expensive. Trish uses Challenge. I use Cabot butter, as it’s local to the northern New England area. Use what you have available, but use unsalted, unless salted is specifically called for in a recipe. Even then, you can simply add more salt if you only have unsalted on hand.

Trish, as I said a bit ago, this toffee may not be better than anything, but Gurl, it is so easy to make, and so delicioso!

The recipe is blatantly straight forward, but per my norm, I read over things and made dumbass mistakes. Shocker.

Real life…real baking.

  1. The recipe says to use a 9″ square pan. I read 9″x13″. If you double the recipe, the 9″x13″ is fine. Otherwise, make sure you use a 9″ pan (even an 8″ would work, the toffee will just be thicker) because once the toffee comes out of the hot pan, it starts to set up immediately, and having a larger pan leaves funky edges.
  2. I didn’t have chocolate chips, but rather chocolate chunks. Since these are actually bigger, they didn’t smooth out the same way smaller chips would have. One of the suggestions Trish offers us in the post is to use 3 Hershey’s bars instead of the chips. Think I might try that next time…there’s something about that nostalgic taste of Hershey’s.
  3. I might also toast up the pecans just to add another layer of flavor… toasted nuts…yuuummm.

I’m still a fan of the instant read thermometer King Arthur sells, and this has saved me multiple times in candy making, and actually has made me a much better candy maker. I highly suggest your investment in one.

Because of my chocolate chunks, my smoothing out of the top layer of chocolate wasn’t as pretty, but still not so bad. FB.png


Make this candy. Sing the song. Be an 80s rock star in your candy making kitchen.




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