I Finally Drew Blood…from a Blood Orange Angel Food Cake

5 Tips onhow to planthe best Girls Weekend EverAfter my complete debacle with the Blood Orange Angel Food Cake in the Sweet and Tart cookbook, it was war. If the chocolate chip cookies were a war, then this was war of nuclear status. Why I even stuck that cookbook back up on my shelf is a bloody mystery even to me, but maybe I want to believe in the better good of everything.

Damn, I hate it when I am nice. It’s really not something that fully registers in my DNA.

I must have read about 8 different blood orange angel food cakes recipes online which were similar to the failed one I made – all of which had the same dumbass ideas of adding the zest too early with the egg whites. OK, what magic science do they know that I do not??? I still call major bullshit on the whole process.

Finally, I stumbled upon this Blood Orange Chocolate Chip Angel Food Cake recipe on a blog called Sifting Focus. Well if the addition of the chocolate isn’t a kick in the britches, I dunno what is!

I made this, anticipating the worst, literally walking around my kitchen like I was tip-toeing around a sleeping, ravenous tiger the entire time the cake was baking; I was thoroughly convinced if I sneezed or farted, the whole damn cake would flatten like a cow patty.

I was pleasantly proven wrong.

My Thoughts After Baking:

  1. Wait! Whaaaat!? This recipe actually worked! Shut. The. Front. Door. Look at all the exquisite bits of chocolate! IMG_6926
  2. The picture in the online recipe below shows you the cake exactly as it looks, as if it were in the pan (but it’s not). I always leave my angel food cakes invented once they’re out of the pan. Never really thought about why or even noticed I did it until this recipe…and the reason I noticed was because the pictures look so different. Curious what we notice and when…

    Clearly not my food picture aka done with professional lighting.
  3. I dunno that I’d eat off that plate above with all its patina and what appears to be rust.
  4. My cake has the lovely rise of an angel food cake! STOP IT!!! 
  5. I was utterly convinced this recipe would fail – step 1 is to mix the blood orange juice (not zest) with the egg whites and tartar, and once combined (meaning very frothy), stream in the sugar.
    1. Normal meringues whip up pretty quickly, as in a few minutes.
    2. After a few minutes, I still just had a juice egg soup, much like the zesty egg soup I had in the other flagrantly botched recipe.
    3. I was about ready to banshee scream again, but something told me to walk away from the mixture and just unload the dishwasher. And then do some laundry.
    4. I returned close to 15 minutes later, and I was SHOCKED to see I was coming to a medium peak with the egg white mixture.
  6. BUT…the recipe says only to whip the eggs whites and juice till medium peak
    1. WHY DON’T THEY TELL YOU THIS IS GOING TO TAKE A LOOOONNNNGGG ASS TIME TO WHIP UP??? This is a key point to make in this recipe. Walk the fuck away and so some chores.
    2. And screw medium peak… when I added the zest at soft-medium peak in prior failed recipes, the cake still deflated. Nope. Not this time. Beat the shit outta that egg white mixture to stiff peak.
    3. Because the nano-second the oil from the zest hits that meringue, it will start to deflate some.
  7. The recipe calls for 2 teaspoons of blood orange zest, or the zest of 2 oranges. Maybe my oranges were just big, although they don’t seem overly big, but I only used the zest of 1 orange. It was plenty to get 2 teaspoons.
  8. The recipe tells you to shave 2 ounces of dark a certain type of chocolate, which of course I didn’t have, but I had other Lindt dark chocolate. Use what you have, peeps. While I am a proponent of using high quality ingredients, po-tay-toe, po-tat-toe when it comes to using variances of the same brand. Although the orange dark chocolate suggested does sound like quite a delightful addition to the recipe.
  9. I only used 1 oz chocolate, part shaved and part finely chopped. Again, a preferential thing. I wanted to see and taste wee chunks of chocolate in me cake.

I wrapped this lovely success up tight, and will be making the sauce tomorrow for a Super Bowl party. If the crumbs are any indication of the whole caboodle, then this cake is sublime… lightly sweet, like any angel food cake, delicately orange, and perfectly specked with bits of chocolate.

Heaven on a plate.

Thank you Sifting Focus for understanding basic science. But maybe include the fact that you need to have some house chores to do while you prep the cake… Just a thought.

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