#365daysofbaking KA Ultimate Chewy Brownies

#365daysofbakingWELCOME to Day 5 of the #365daysof baking challenge! Today we try King Arthur’s Ultimate Chewy Brownie recipe.

I’ve baked KA’s Fudge Brownie & my delightful You’re the Bomb Brownie, and this chewy recipe will round out my trio of brownies for the Brutal Brownie Battle.

I write this after I know the results of the Brutal Brownie Battle, but I will not let it skew my point of view about this nice recipe.

If you’re looking for a super quick recipe that took less than 10 minutes to make and get it in the oven, this recipe is for you! In a pinch, and need a solid go-to? This totally works!

The instructions literally have you dump all the ingredients into a singular bowl and mix them. You will note upon doing this that the ingredients look vaguely familiar…like a box mix.

The final result is a very moist, chewy brownie that left me saying, “Of the three brownies I’ve made, this one tastes the closest to a box mix.” It’s familiar. It’s good, please do not get me wrong. It’s reminiscent of what so many of us know. And in my humble opinion, was the absolute most basic tasting of the three brownies. It was chocolatey, but nothing that made me go, “YEAH, BABY!!” In short, it didn’t stand out in any way form or fashion. Kinda boring, actually. It pains me to say that about a King Arthur recipe.

Now, let me be perfectly honest here. If I had not made the other two brownies before this one, I’d say this is a lovely recipe. It is. It’s just that the other KA recipe for fudge brownies is a much deeper flavor profile – that all has to do with the Dutch Process Cocoa and the chocolate chips. And my brownie? Well, it’s the Bomb for good reason.

My Reflections After Baking:

Batter comparisons: I’d like you to look at the images of the batter below closely:

The image on the left is the batter from KA fudge brownies – thick, dark, dense. Doesn’t pour at all. It’s Dutch Process Cocoa, which gives it that deep color, and ultimately deeper flavor profile, and the butter and sugar were melted and mixed together before mixing in the other ingredients.

The image on the right is the batter of the KA Chewy Brownies once it was poured into the pan. All the ingredients are dumped in and mixed together. Regular cocoa is used, and oil is used instead of butter; the resulting batter is quite grainy.

I forgot to take an image of my brownie batter. Go figure.

Top Comparisons: Now, look at the next set of pictures comparing the tops closely:

The left: KA fudge brownie final product – familiar shiny top.

The middle: My brownie. Familiar shiny top.

The right: finished chewy brownie. You can still see the graininess of the texture. When I bit into it, I also felt I could taste a bit of graininess, even though it was chewy.

Inside comparisons:

Left: KA fudge brownie – dense, dark, moist looking.

Middle: my brownie – dense, dark – but not as  much as the KA fudge – and moist looking

Right: KA chewy brownie – lighter, not dense looking (actually looks dry), and not very moist looking.

In the end… this brownie, KA Ultimate Chewy Brownie, works for a few reasons:

  • It’s super quick and easy
  • It’s a very familiar flavor profile to what so many of us know
  • It’s quite chewy
  • It’s good

But, if you’re like me and want depth of flavor, keep searching for better recipes. Try KA Fudge Brownie or try my You’re the Bomb Brownie (and play around with adding goodies to it)!

Happy brownie baking, bitches! 

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