#365daysofbaking To Tell or Not to Tell: The Bomb Brownie


We all have our commentary on brownies – not those annoying little girls who bombard us upon the exit to Wally World during cookie sales season (oh, I have lots of commentary on them) – but the delicious, chocolately baked goodness.

Are you a cakey brownie fan? Are the best ones fudgy? Additives or no? THIS THIS!! is why the Brutal Brownie Battles are commencing again…after crawling out of the 7th rung of frozen Hell and a flu recovery.

If you even thought for a nano-second boxed brownies are the best, then I cannot be your friend. I refuse. Just stop reading this blog. And shame on you. A side note on this after I digress…

Digression: Who named the wee Girl Scouts Brownies when they sell cookies?? Way to confuse the masses. Well, I had to know the answer, and lo’ here is it in all its glory – The Brownie Story. If you ever cared. I’d split from a group that called itself Rosebuds, too. And while we’re at it, Girl Scouts, figure your shit out. Don’t let girls defect to the Boy Scouts simply because there is more rigor and challenge there… just up the meager standards you’ve had forever and make it challenging and exciting to be a Girl Scout again. I can affirmatively tell you, this is why my daughter stopped going. How many damned craft badges can one little girl have – it’s like Wellesley College was way back in the day…aka How to Become Betty Crocker? Nope. Didn’t work for my little girl, and it’s no wonder other little girls are running for the adventure of the woods like their male counterparts get to do in Boy Scouts. And for the record, one of the badges my son, who is now an Eagle Scout, had to get was baking; so, you absolutely can mix the merriment of domesticity with the thrill of the outdoors. Figure. It. Out. Girl Scouts.

I’m back. Sorry, had to get that out. Wow. I’m all over the place tonight. I think the fever I had when I was down and out with the flu maybe fried a few wires. I’ll get me mojo back soon.

I mentioned before my digression something about boxed brownie mix. When I let others taste test KA Fudge Brownies, my daughter actually asked me if I had made them or were they from a box mix. There were 9 people tasting this brownie at the same time, and we all agreed, that recipe actually had a boxed mix kinda taste, in every possibly wonderful way that we all remember from boxed mixes from our childhood. We all agreed, as well, that they were way better than a boxed mix, though.

And another note… I overcooked those KA fudge brownies by about 5-7 minutes (remember, I forgot to set a timer??). They were delicioso right out of the oven, then they toughened up a bit. I sent them up to my kids’ school they next day, but I don’t think any of those kids noticed.

IMG_6817Alright, down to the You’re the Bomb Brownie. This is my standard brownie recipe, given to me from a former student named Ms. Julie. This is now my brownie go-to. My no fail. My I can screw around with a few of the ingredients and it never fails me recipe. And I have combined it with another recipe that is very similar but has a few extra ingredients that I guard like Fort Knox guards its gold. Ain’t sharin’ it. Un-uh. No way. No how.

I even debated long and hard about sharing the above recipe, but’s it a basic enough brownie recipe, and will produce a delightful brownie you all deserve to make. But a magician never reveals her secrets, and I shall never reveal what combination of additional ingredients from the other similar recipe go into this recipe beyond what I’ve already shared. Both recipes are good on their own; however, their unique combination makes the resulting recipe pure gold. Like, even after 4 days (if they last that long), still gooey moist gold.

See how shiny the top is? I know KA says it’s because of the sugar/butter mixture in their brownies, but this batter becomes as silky and shiny as the baked top once you add the eggs. They understand the science more than I do, and there is a healthy dose of sugar and butter melted mixed together in this batter…

And you know how some people like the crusty, crunchy edges? Most other recipes make the edges too crusty for me, but these edges… see how the center collapses some? This makes the center dense and fudgy, but not too much. And those edges are crunchy, but not too hard. They actually still retain a bit of softness. Heaven in a pan.

So tomorrow morning, I will remake the KA Fudge Brownies and take them to my classroom and have a showdown. I think I need to get a hair up my ass and make KA’s Chewy Brownies as well for a full Brownie Battle.

For the record, my friend made her brownies for the kids… they tore into them and then made silent faces, not of pleasure. Then again, she overcooked hers by about 5-7 minutes, as well, and they were dry like the Sahara in a drought. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA – we can both be such rookies at times.

My Thoughts After Baking:

  • Make this recipe. Even without my secret ingredients, you will be pleased.
  • Play around with the chocolates you add.
    • Try 1/2 semisweet, 1/2 milk
    • Try 1/3 semi, 1/3 milk, 1/3 bittersweet
    • Try unsweetened in very small doses, balancing this out with a at least equal parts milk… too much unsweetened will produce an altogether different brownie because of the lack of fat.
  • Add nuts, don’t add nuts? I’m not a nut in my brownie fan.
  • These brownies are always worth a little bit of extra time in the gym.
  • Make sure you have a friggin’ grip on the hot bowl in which you melt the butter and sugar whilst you pour it into the mixing bowl…


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