Down with the Flu

we're engaghttps_beautifulanddangerousblog.combloged!Resolutions, smezolutions. We finally come out of that gawd-forsaken polar vortex. And I get the flu.

My #365daysofbaking has been on serious hold – I’ve been down and out with the flu – or something damned close to it, and it morphed into what I think was bronchitis, based on the cough and, well, the funk coming up with the cough. Lovely.

I woke each morning and trudged to the basement, crawled under a blanket, and drank half the tea that was dumped in the Boston Harbor. I think I clocked a total of 500 steps in 3 days.

Someone asked me today if it was just a virus or the actual flu. I rolled my eyes and said, “Aren’t they one in the bloody same when you’re this sick??”

I know that’s not a necessarily true statement from a medical perspective, but I’m no medical professional. And I’m smart enough not to WebMD my symptoms, either. Because then I will be dying of some rare disease within the hour. Or my hair will fall out.

But about 36 hours into hacking up my left lung, sneezing incessantly, changing my underwear 100 times from peeing when sneezing, and running a fever, I did visit my doctor who said the flu was nasty, the flu shot was borderline useless this year (only about 10-30% effective, depending on your source), and that I had all the symptoms and just needed to ride it out. $105 for intel I knew. Dammit, I wanted drugs.

But, oddly, he didn’t offer me Tamiflu. I suffered through another 48 hours, and he lovingly called in cough syrup with codeine and antibiotics. And thank God he did, because the same day he called in the antibiotics, my cough became one of those coughs that engulfs the whole body, doubling you over, sucking all the air out of you, while you’re desperately gasping for air (and perhaps weeing a bit more in your underwear). I woke up the next morning with a higher fever, sounding like a family of drunk frogs had moved into my throat, and feeling like someone had crawled in my chest with a jagged ice scraper.

Only 72 hours into the meds do I feel remotely human again.

As I was chatting with a friend today, she asked if I was still baking every day. I cackled, saying I wouldn’t touch anything I had made in the last week, even if someone paid me to touch it. I haven’t wanted to be around myself. WHY would anyone want to be around food I’d touched.

Here’s some intel on the 2018 flu season from the CDC. There’s all kinds of articles out there…but you’re best to go to the source. And stay hydrated, keep elevated to help your cough – trust me on this one – and stay well, my friends.

I’ll be back with more food and antics ASAP!

A friend of mine posted this basic flu info on Facebook… it’s not her post, but decent advice this year’s flu. Or any flu.

Nomie, thank you for sharing this intel.

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