#365daysofbaking Vanilla Bean Blueberry Scones

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Welcome to Day 2 of the #365daysofbaking challenge!

Today, I made these lovely Vanilla Bean Blueberry Scones from Savvy Saving Couple. It’s a blog subtitled Saving Family Memories One Click at a Time. And I’m gonna let you guess how much better their pictures are than mine. Note my picture on the left. It’s not even the scones, themselves. It’s the batter. C’est la vie. But don’t those blueberries make you wanna dive right into this recipe!?

If you’re like me on recipe blogs, you sometimes skip straight to the recipe… Look, I get it. Some people have darling memories of baking with mom, grandma, and other fabulous women in their life. Maybe even fabulous men. But not me. My mom’s idea of baking was grabbing that roll of Toll House cookie dough from the dairy aisle… remember my comment on eating cookie dough? Neither grandma baked – but I did love to steal the Brach’s toffees out of the Danish cookie tin next to my grandfather’s chair.

Baking is a self-taught gig for moi.

Why am I making blueberry scones in the dead of winter? I live in the 7th rung of frozen Hell at the current moment in NH — the current wind chill is an absurd -24 below zero, and the high temperature today is fucking -1 below zero. THE HIGH TEMP IS -1 BELOW ZERO! There is no way in this frozen Hell I am going out to get anything from a grocery store… I have blueberries and all the other necessary imgredients at my fingertips in my toasty house. This is the recipe that is getting made.

My Thoughts After Baking:

  • If you’ve made scones before, you know they’re relatively easy to make. This is a
    extra TBSP of flour, my ass

    pretty straight forward recipe, but it tells you to use a stand mixer to
    combinethings…Hmmmm. I’ve never made scones in a stand mixer. I’ve always cut the cold butter into the dry ingredients with a pastry blender. And I followed that rule when I made these.

  • Get yourself a really sturdy pastry cutter if you like scones, not one of those flimsy ones, but a sturdy one. It’s worth the extra cash.
  • BIMG_6733ecause this recipe suggests doing your mixing in a stand mixer, it says the dough will come together into a ball once you mix the wet ingredients into the dry…
    • One things scones should always be is tender and flaky. It’s really easy to overmix in a stand mixer, and this will take away your tender.
    • When you mix this dough with a dough mixer (or by hand), this “ball” will be a funky ball, to say the least. See that funky-ass ball on the left there?
  • Then fold in the blueberries by hand… again, a stand mixer is going to give you a literal ball, which likely means you’ve blended the dough too much at that point. When I added my blueberries, this is when shit got real…
    • I probably should have put that sticky lump of buttery goodness back in the bowl, but you well know by now, logic alludes me many days. I started trying to mix those fat blueberries in by literal hand… and a shitshow ensued.
      • Stinky rotten puppy beast –aka our new Boxer puppy — is always directly underfoot in the kitchen when I am cooking/baking, to the point that I’ve literally fallen over her onto the floor.
      • Blueberries start rolling everywhere because I’m try to add them on a flat surface, and smelly rotten puppy beast keeps chasing them, and I start tripping over her… just allow yourself a few seconds of this visual. You’d have been laughing pretty hard.
      • As I’m trying to incorporate those fat blueberries, I am smashing several, so now this dough is getting stickier… it just keeps getting better.
  • IMG_6734
    charmingly, but lovingly smashed blueberries in there.

    The recipe says you only need an extra TBSP of flour to coat the working surface… Sure, if you’ve gone and beaten the shit out of your scone dough beforehand. I didn’t, so I needed more flour to get the dough to come together so I could cut it, and was getting pissed at how difficult this dough was to work with. I ended up probably — well, no, definitely — using more flour than needed to make my dough come together.

  • Despite the addition of extra flour, my end result was indeed a tender and flaky scone.
    • I definitely need to use less flour (aka that whole patience gig in my learn resolution), and these will be even more flaky.
    • I used a milk based glaze on the top, knowing I was not going to be glazing these, but I think the extra flour just absorbed that…
  • The first taste is warm because of the vanilla bean paste, and then you get the bright pop of the berries. SOOOO yummy.
    • That paste is critical to the depth of vanilla taste in this scone. Go online or to a local specialty food store and invest in it.
  • They use a glaze. Don’t get me wrong, this glaze looks and, I’m sure, tastes amazing, but I’m looking to make sure the scone itself is pure goodness before dousing it in sugary goodness… perspective.

I will be remaking these to fix my own igit errors, but this is a recipe well worth your time. Warmth and burst of summer all in one bite. Sign this girl up.

Their pretty end picture of the left. My end picture on the right. No fancy decoration here…welcome to my world of food photography. I’ll get it right eventually.


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