#365daysofbaking Day 3: KA Fudge Brownies

Day 3 of #365daysofbaking King Arthur Fudge Brownies

Cheers for Beer Day!

King Arthur, oh how I love thee. The Hollywood depictions of you have generally been stunningly handsome…movieposterIf this hottie could make a brownie, I bet he coulda been King long before his time. I wonder if the real King Arthur was so pretty. BAHAHAHAHHA. Was King Arthur real??

I digress.

The King Arthur to which I refer for my Day 3 of the king-arthur-flour-logo#365daysofbaking challenge is the insanely awesome King Arthur Flour company, based in Norwich, VT. I am blessed enough to live within a reasonable driving distance of their store, and I avoid it… Not because it isn’t amazing, awesome, beautiful, dependable — I could go on — but I NEVER, EVER get out of there for under $150. It’s a baker’s paradise. And I am weak.

Today is a relative term in these posts, as I’m playing a wee bit of catchup with the recipes currently, and some days I will be making more than one recipe. But today, is actually today Jan. 6, 2018 — shut the front door, time is actually relative here today — and I am making King Arthur Flour’s Fudge Brownies. Go ahead and peruse their site. Just plan on being lost in it for about at least an hour.

I mentioned in an earlier post about the Brutal Brownie Battles, and they are commencing today. I’ve texted my pal that I’ve already baked a serious contender, and she hasn’t responded.

I’ll take that as a sign of fear.

Remember how I told you about smelly rotten puppy beast? See. She is always underfoot when I am in the kitchen. It is a damned good thing she is cute. She is a belligerent little shit 85% of the time. She’ll either kill me or keep me young. Jury’s still out on this.IMG_6746Welcome to my baking cabinet. I try to keep it as organized as possible, but then my daughter will come home on a vacation and want to bake, and all hell will break loose in this cabinet. Took me well over 5 minutes to find the espresso powder called for in the recipe.IMG_6747You want to use espresso powder in this recipe. It adds depth of flavor to the chocolate. If you didn’t know that, coffee brings out flavor in chocolate. You’re welcome. King Arthur has it on their site. Again, you’re welcome.

My thoughts while & after baking: 

Make sure to run your cocoa powder through a sifter so that you don’t get lumps of cocoa in your batter. I know this. Think I do it every time? ‘Course not. I know the rules and the tricks. I just seem to like to break them in order to make more work for myself.

Make your own extracts. It is super easy, makes a large amount for a
somewhat inexpensive price — although the price of vanilla beans is through the roof right now —  but the investment will be worth it to get your own large quantity of extract. I make a lot of my own extracts. That’s who I am. That’s how I roll. See how many vanilla beans are in this bottle of love!?IMG_6748I never knew that it was the butter and sugar combo that made the top of brownies shiny, but that’s what KA says. And you know what, I believe them. Just look at that bowl of instant heart attack.IMG_6751Invest in an instant read thermometer. Do you cook at all? Get one. It’s great for checking meat temp, making perfect candy, and the butter sugar mix for shiny, fudgy bronwies. Oh, and guess what site has it on there? OMG… King Arthur!

This is a thick batter. Maybe if you’re a weakling, skip the arm workout in the morning before making these babies as your treat for attempting a workout. Go ahead and taste it at this stage of putting it in the pan… just don’t do what I did and taste it before you add the butter sugar mixture. Thankfully, the trash can was right next to me.


Set a friggin’ timer…. how many gall danged years have I been baking??? Thankfully, I know when it starts to smell done, it’s dang close to being done. Brainfart should be my middle name.

See how I’ve got parchment hanging out both sides of the pan? Learn this trick. I use non-stick cooking spray to lightly spray my pan, then lightly spray the parchment. Allow the final product to set for a few minutes in the pan after being baked, and then lift the goods out by the paper.., VIOLA’! No scratched pans, and baked goods perfectly in tact. IMG_6758Look at how luscious and shiny the final product is!! And yes, they are fud-gy! Delicious, chocolatey, ooey gooey delightfulness. This brownie is a serious contender!


You know, a few of my pictures in here are pretty good… maybe I’m getting the hang of it.

If you’re not a brownie fan, I cannot be your friend.


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