#365daysofbaking Banana Bundt Cake with Orange Cream Cheese Frosting

amanda+joaquimWELCOME to Day 1 of #365daysofbaking

First, thank you real life Dinner for this delicious banana bundt cake recipe for me to try. It’s a fantastic, simple recipe that’s a great way to use up some extra bananas!

Next, let me say some things don’t always occur to me in the moment… like I should take pictures of steps when I know I’m going to write about something that likely should have pictures…

Welcome to how my brain works most days. AKA brainfart central. Just another lovely side effect of perimenopause.

Suffice it to say, the pretty pictures in this post come from the link which holds this banana bundt cake recipe because it didn’t occur to me to take pictures while I was baking or of the finished product. The finished product is in my fridge, but I stuck fairly large dowels in it before I covered it so the cream cheese frosting wouldn’t stick to the plastic wrap. My pictures would be nowhere near as pretty now with sticks poking out of my cake as the ones the people who made this recipe took. Thank you real life Dinner for being more prepared at life than I generally am.

So this was Day 1 of my #365daysofbaking challenge. Why? I had lots of black bananas in my fridge from baking over the holidays. Waste not, want not. Think black bananas are gross? Read on.

My thoughts after baking:

  • There is a curious step in this recipe… upon removing the cake from the oven, immediately place it in the freezer. This locks in the moisture, and if one thing can be said about this cake, it’s dense and moist. So much so, that the fucker broke my beautiful handmade, variegated wooden spatula when I tried to remove the cake from the pan after the freezer step. My bundt pan is coated – I have a NordicWare – and if you stick a knife in this pan to remove a cake, it will scratch the coating. Sometimes, you learn the hard way. Soooooo I used my thin, nice wooden, handmade, variegated spatula. Fool, I am. Moral of the story… use a cheap bundt pan or a crappy spatula, not something nice. Sometimes cheap things do the same trick as the ‘spensive ones.
  • I used black bananas – once you put ripe bananas in the fridge, the skins begin to turn black, asbest-ever-banana-bundt-cake-recipe do some of the insides, and they begin to look like rotted, elongated fingers. Makes you want to rush and eat them, doesn’t it? But they also gain a syrupy sweetness that doesn’t come with a yellow banana, even a ripe yellow one. See how light and pretty this cake picture to the right is? My end result was a much darker cake. But with the darker color came a deep banana taste. I generally add banana extract to my banana breads to intensify the flavor, especially if I’m using yellow bananas. One thing about painfully ripe bananas like I used is that you sometimes need to play with adding a small amount of flour since there’s a bit more moisture that comes with the “syrup” inside the banana. This is tricky, and one of those “eyeball it” kinda deals.
  •  Like my lovely bananas leftover from holiday baking, I also had some leftover orange cream cheese frosting from some cranberry orange cupcakes I made for Christmas Eve. I’m kinda a gal who looks around some days and just uses what’s on hand. All you have to do to make orange cream cheese frosting is add orange oil/extract and orange zest. Instead of making the cream cheese frosting as stated in the recipe, I simply used what I had, and it added a lovely tropical twist to the banana cake. Besides, I’m in the 7th rung of frozen Hell up here in NH after two bloody weeks with sub-zero temps and double negative wind chill temps, so anything tropical seems nice.
  • This cake would freeze well once you removed it from the pan. All I had to do was place it on my porch and the thing froze solid. You would just need to add the cream cheese frosting once the cake thawed.
  • Honestly, I would thin the cream cheese frosting and go for more of a glaze effect on this cake. I’m not the biggest cream cheese frosting fan in the first place – I literally think I am one of the few people outside of those who’re lactose intolerant who doesn’t like it – but that’s a thick layer slathered on this cake in the picture above. But hey, but if you’re a fan, jump in the deep end. Who am I to judge?
  • 88077_heritage_bundtlette_panIf I were to make these for my bakery, I’d likely make them in a bundtlette pan for the fun and portability of individual cakes, and do larger cakes for special order… I dunno. Who in Hell am I to say as I dream. I might do both. Just depends on how the wind blows that day, and how many extra banunus I have.
  • Now, if there is one huge lesson I learned from making this cake, it is this: Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT eat this cake and go do a friggin’ intense workout like kickboxing within the same hour. This is a stick to your ribs kinda cake. And that’s exactly what it did. I ripped a belch so deep about half way through my class that 5 people around me stopped and looked at me like I had 40 heads. Then we all started cracking up. This cake weighed me down so much in that workout, and I only ate a sliver. It actually reminded me of the day my husband’s grandmother passed this summer and we all went to a newer burger place afterwards for lunch. We ate around 1:30 pm and my workout was at 7pm that night. I ran my mile as a warmup, which usually took me about 7:15 to run, but I was over 20 seconds slower than normal that night because of that damned burger.

Logic alludes me some days.

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