I’mmmm Bacccckkkk

Perhaps you’re glad I’ve been away. Perhaps you’ve been sad, and you’ve been missing my dose of “humor”… I’m just going to throw this one out… perhaps you didn’t even notice I was gone. It’s cool. No foul. No gain.

Either way, I’ve been gone from blogging for close to a year. Life can get overwhelming at times, and that’s when I have to prioritize. I’ll give you one guess what got dumped in the “Oh, well.” category.

But, I’m back, and it’s really just me.

In the past year, Jean delved deep into the corporate world and just got beaten down. Happily, though, she is now quite settled in small town America; she finally sold her KY house, sold her old NH house, and is now living is a big ass farm house in a quaint small town (so much for downsizing when you become an empty nester). She is working locally in a small corporate setting, and she is so much happier! Amen to the cards all finally falling into place for her!

Me? Let’s see. I am finally in one state, but am still in possession of 3 houses -my home, a rental property at the base of a mountain, and we still hold the rental from when we lived in VT. It’s almost embarassing to say. I mentioned this to an aquaintance the other day, and he responds, “Are you friggin’ kidding me? That’s great! AMERICA AT IT’S FINEST.” He’s maybe 23, and I just wanted to smack him in that moment. I don’t know why I add this anecdote, but alas, I ramble at times.

Here are highlights of my last year, and I’ll likely go back round to them in seperate posts:

  • In March, my husband and I went to Topolino, Italy to watch our son race in the FIS Children’s Cup. It’s a huge international race for U16s which highlights some of the best in the world of that age class. We took my father-in-law, a former ski racer himself, whom we thought had Parkinson’s Disease. Nope… turns out he has rectal cancer. We find this out upon our return. He goes through chemo this summer. Let’s just say this… my husband owes me major somethin’ for taking care of his dad that whole trip…
  • I take a long overdue trip with my BFF Lynn to London for a week in May. We did theather, afternoon tea, and shopping like it was our jobs.
  • Our daughter chooses to apply to only one college since she knows she’s going to take a PG year to try to lower her FIS points so she can ski D1 in college. She gets into MSU and defers. She graduates high school in June. AMEN! And we can finally write off some serious assholes in our lives. No, really… her senior year was plagued with drama from psychotic asshole parents. Remember my post about different types of athletic parents??
  • We throw her an epic graduation party on the 4th of July. Day before? Gorgeous. Day of? Super cells move through our area, driving rain horizontal at 40 mph. Day after? Gorgeous.
  • Our son gets his driver’s license. Eek.
  • I finally hit the 20 lb weight loss mark. Takes me 7 months. My husband joins WW with me, and damn if he doesn’t lose the same weight in 7 weeks. Asshole.
  • In September, my husband and I take our first solo vactaion together. We’ve been together close to 30 years, and married over 22. And yes, this was our 1st vacation together. We splurged and went to the Italian Riveria and Eze, France. It was worth the 22 year wait.
  • I had a sorority reunion – 27 years since we founded our chapter. 15 ladies I’ve known since I was 17 converged on NH… and well, some people just never change. Good thing? I get another visit with my BFF, and get much closer to some incredible ladies with whom I’d lost touch.
  • My mother was diagnosed with melanoma, after apparently watching a mole grow for 3-4 years. I flew out to AZ to help her after her surgery, and paid for my holier than thou sister to go. Needless to say, I’ve said few words to holier than thou sister since said trip. Putting the four of us back in house together after 30 years away… interesting, to say the least.
  • We acquired a new puppy – aka smelly rotten puppy beast – the day before I flew out to AZ to help my mother with her surgery. It’s kinda like those few moments every new mother has with children… “WHY did I think this was a good idea?”
  • My parents are now looking to move to NH. A whole other beast of a conversation.
  • It’s the first Thanksgiving where both our children were gone for skiing. We did an early Thanksgiving for our son before he left mid-month, and by the time it was all said and done, I’d had three Thanksgivings in the month of November… I don’t want to see turkey again for another year.
  • We give our son a new truck for Christmas, and he gets in an accident three days later. You think I’m joking? It wasn’t his fault, and the police report says so, but seriously?
  • I was promoted to purple belt in kickboxing! I’m so badass.
  • I take a professional baking class through a local community college. Oh, this is such a great story, I’m just going to leave the details for a whole other post.
  • I will be opening some kind of bakery within the next few years…

So, that’s my life. I’m back. I’m embarking on new journeys, have several amazing trips planned for this year, and am looking forward to being back in the blogging world.

Go ahead, say it. You missed me.

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