When the WW App & Website Fail… The Results are Hysterical

Jean and I joined Weight Watchers together as a means of getting control of our portions and types of food choices – because we both LOVE food, but we want to fit back into the clothes we both love, but are unfantastically spilling over (amen to tunics for camouflaging our spillover). Yes, we’re proponents of loving the body you’re in, but when you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see, we’re also proponents of change. Enter Weight Watchers.

And if you’re questioning whether it works or not, we’ve both eaten what we love – including pasta, ice cream, chocolate, and cookies – and in one month, we’ve both lost right under 10 pounds, each. Collectively, we’re almost 20 pounds lighter.

But the bugger’s IT department might need a revamp, given that both the app and the website have been down almost all day. And the people who pay for the service are not happy. But, they also have a damned good sense of humor about it all.

Check out some of the funnier Twitter commentary:

Of course, we now follow Shady Bitch for this commentary.

We now follow College Park Mom, as well. Because DD’s blueberry cake donut is made by the Devil, himself.

But, maybe the best one yet about the service being down came from Alex:

Of course we follow Alex now…

And of course we had to throw our own hat in the ring…

No points for cookies today, I suppose. Hah. Happy, healthy eating, everyone.

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