5 Shoe Styles Worthy of Your Spring Investment

“Shoes. OMG shoes. Let’s get some shoes. I think you have too many shoes. SHUT UP.”

If you haven’t seen this video, and you’re a shoe lover, well, invest in the four minutes needed to watch this absolutely bizarre, quirky, outrageous video. And you’ll go around chanting, “Shoes, OMG shoes.”


There are a few styles trending lately; curiously, these are all styles that have been around, and around, and around for a long time. It all depends on what the fashion industry deems to be the “It Shoe” at the time. :

  1. Street Sneakers – like sneakers ever weren’t in style.
  2. Ankle Wrap Sandals – Given that Jean and I generally consider ourselves to be a few of them, we’ve always appreciated the Greek Goddess look.
  3. Ballet Flats – When did these actually go out?
  4. Detailed Booties – When you’re 5’3″ on a good day, you gotta find the right bootie that doesn’t make you look shorter.
  5. Mules – Who knew they’d come back round?

We’re going to give you the high end investment that will actually have staying power, making it worth the investment, and then a reasonable “every day” version that is perhaps more trendy. Please note here, Jean and I are all about buying investment pieces that have staying power, but we fully appreciate price.

Street Sneaks:

If we had our druthers, this is the street sneak we’d buy. Yep, it’s Gucci. Their Ace embroidered low-top sneaker is a feminine, floral, fun statement, yet not overly girly, even though there’s a darling two-toned blue bow on the heel. It’s completely and totally all us. Except… neither of us is wholly into street sneakers. But, if you are the fun, floral type who is into street sneaks, we tell you to put your money into these beauties. At $695, plus the purchase of a damn good leather cleaner, these will transcend season and time.


$695 not doing it for you for a sneaker? We get you, and we don’t blame you. Even if we had the money, that kind of cash is tough to drop on a sneaker. 

So here’s the classic Converse All Star low-top. Fashionably old school, preeminently cool, always in style Chucks. 80 year old women can wear these and be effortlessly cool. And at $50, it’s likely within everyone’s budget. Bonus? When they get dirty, huck them in the wash with some bleach. Boom. Instant white:


Ankle Wrap Sandals:

This is Steve Madden’s Christey, a trend-on ankle wrap up look, and $109, go ahead, we give you permission to be trendy, at that price. The reason we say trendy, is that the wrap UP comes and goes in time – I remember wearing Athena style ankle wrap up flat sandals back in the late 80s-early 90s. Like all fashion, the wrap UP style comes and goes in trend.


Now, in Jean’s and my mind, the actual ankle strap sandal (not the wrap up) is a shoe that is absolutely worthy of investment because there is a look that allows it to be completely timeless, like Alexandre Birman‘s Clarita Leather Ankle-Tie Sandals. There is an ankle strap, but it doesn’t wrap up like the trendier ones do. I have a pair of my mother’s shoes from the 80s that are similar to this, and people give me compliments and ask me where I’ve gotten them every time I wear them. This style is timeless and worthy of the investment of $595. Why? If I can still wear a shoe from the 80s in 2017 and people want to know where I got it…that’s classic timelessness. Do a cost per wear (or per year) analysis:


Ballet Flats:

Jean and I love when the industry claims something that has never really gone out of style is the “It Trend.” Ballet flats are a prime example of this; they’ve never gone out of style, but they now have some pretty cool twists to them that fall into the trendy category. While we love Miu Miu’s wrap up ballet flats and think them pretty awesome, $670 for trendy isn’t something we think a wise spend.

However, Salvatore Ferragamo’s Ballet Flat represents, perhaps, one of the most iconic style of flats ever made. Basic but not boring, feminine, and goes with absolutely everything in your closet. Besides, these will be in your closet for eternity, and Ferragamo’s are extremely well made. And the investment of $350 isn’t as painful as some of the other high end designers.


However, $350 is still a lot of money, and Jean and I fully respect that. So here is the lovely Odonette Ballet Flat from Anne Klein. Simple, but not boring, delicately beautiful, and at $59.95, they will go with your entire closet.


Detailed Booties:

Booties are another one of those styles that will come and go in favor of the fashion industry, but they’ve never really gone out of style. When they come back in “fashion,” there’s always a twist, like the new trend of detailed booties. But the right detail will have a subtle timelessness to it, like Tory Burch’s Blossom Bootie. Even if the trend of booties wanes in the eyes of the fashion world, these are boots that will transcend into the next phase, and at $315 on sale, they’re a reasonably priced investment piece.


But if $315 is over the top, and we respect that, ASOS makes the pretty cool ERIN Wide Fit Heel Detail Ankle Boot for $58. And with that tortoise shell heel, being trendy works at that price!



Now this is a trend that was last really in during the 80s and 90s. Actually, they’ve been around forever, like dating back to the Egyptians, kinda thing. So think of yourself as an Egyptian queen, get out there, and buy a cool pair!

Nine West makes this adorable Alibelle Leather Mule Flat that combines leather and denim, and at $79, this trendy look is worth the money.


But since you know this is a style that actually is timeless, like back to the Egyptian queen gig, and you want to invest, Gucci  makes the gorgeous Princeton leather mid-heel mule, but at $695, it’s a serious investment. But consider the Queen bit… this is a shoe you can hand down to your future baby-girl princess.


Get out there and get some SHOES! OMG SHOES! Show us your shoe loves in the comments (or on FB or Twitter!) We love shoe love!!

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