Reverse Conditioning – A Better Way to Tame Your Mane

I have to say the first time I heard of reverse conditioning, I was highly skeptical. Why? Well, we’ve been trained like Pavlov’s dogs to wash, rinse, condition, repeat, if needed. So why in green Earth would I go against this grain? I’m guessing a vast majority of you are likely the same as me: hapless souls lost in our shower performing our hair washing routine oh so very wrong.

After I had read several articles about it, I thought what the Hell. I’ll give it all a gander. I am here to tell you, it’s not hype. This is the way all we chicas should be executing our in-shower hair routine.

I have dyed hair, which is color treated every 6-8 weeks to cover all the darling grey hairs pure_hydrate_shampcondwhich have taken residence on my youthful head of 44 years. I use Pureology Hydrate shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair. I buy it in the honkin’ sized bottles when they go on sale at one of the local Hair Excitement salons I love it so much.

My hair is somewhat straight…somewhat,  you ask? Well, after I popped out each one of my beautiful cherubs, a patch of my hair grew wavy. After cherub number two, the whole back of my head became a cascade of brunette waves.With age, the wave just turned into foof, consuming the remainder of my head. What is foof?

This is foof.
The only tame for foof is to add direct heat. Not blow dryer heat, as this can make the foof, well… foofier. I have to style my hair with an iron or curling brush. I tell you all this so you know how this reverse conditioning process might work for your hair. I have no idea how it works with very curly hair. Ask me in a few years, my foof might just well turn very curly.

The long and short of this process is to condition first, then shampoo.

And here are a few things I noted after doing it several times:

  1. Less Product Use: I was using way too much conditioner before, as well as shampoo. It only takes a very small bit of conditioner to work through your hair. And I have a lot of hair. I now use maybe a dime sized dollop of conditioner, and it works through my entire mane.
  2. Tangled Mane: I was wondering how tangled my hair would be if I didn’t use conditioner as the final step… and, well, it was tangled, but I simply started at the top of my scalp and slowly worked my comb through. It went through relatively easily.
  3. The Shine Factor: Once direct heat was applied, the shine factor was amped up considerably – like my husband visibly noticed kinda thing.
  4. The Dead Rat, aka, Drain Clogging: After every shower, my drain looks like a small rat has taken up residence there. There is now so much less hair in the drain trap when I reverse condition my hair. Now, combing through is what brings the onslaught of hair removal, but at least it’s not going down my drain.
  5. Better Dry Time & Less Foof: I kinda don’t need to say more, but my hair is under a blow dryer so much less, and if left to naturally dry, my hair is kinda close to straight – aka no where near the amount of foof! 
  6. Softer Hair: Nuf said. 
  7. Wash. Maybe Not Repeat Too Often: OK, so I got lazy one crappy-weathered weekend and didn’t wash my hair from Friday to Monday. And you know what, you couldn’t tell. I am here to tell you, my hair looked as clean on Monday as it did on Friday. And Saturday. And Sunday. Truth is, reverse conditioning lengthens the amount of time you need between washing. Haven’t you ever heard the less you wash your hair, the less you need to wash it? This is actually true in this case.

Now, if you work out, gals, wash that mane every day. Is there a specific type of shampoo/conditioner you have to use, like TREsemme tries to sell you in their Chrissy Teigan commercial? Given that I told you above the shampoo/conditioner combo I use, I don’t think it matters.

All I am saying is this might be something you want to explore in the shower next time you wash your gorgeous trusses.

Happy showering!

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  1. blissfulbohemian17

    Thank you for this! I’m always telling my friends that washing your hair everyday is harmful for it, and now I have an article to point them to.

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