3 Things – Gratitude

Each week, stop, look back, and think. What made you happy? What made you smile. Maybe this was a simple act like someone opening the door for you – hey, some days, this is as good as it gets. There are grand things to celebrate, but also wee little ones which should be celebrated.

  1. To our growing readership, thank you. We’re always surprised when we get positive feedback – don’t ask why… it’s something like we just never assumed anyone would read our work. But, really… I’ve had some great little 5386099858_4fe6c8bf1b_bconversations with people this week on our blog, other blogs, and on Twitter. I’ve felt the love, and hopefully, given love in return. We’re more than grateful for every comment, every read, and every like you give, no matter the forum. Without you, we’d be talking into some great void of cyberspace, feeling a little like Major Tom who was trying to call home. If we could give you all an ice cream cone for all your love, we would. Paige makes a mean version of Chunky Monkey, and if we say so ourselves, it’s better than the mainstream version.
  2. I threw out a personal FB post this week to see if anyone was interested in taking care of our Chunk – aka Queen Fat Lucy – while we are gone next week, and the response I chunkgot was incredible! It’s expensive to board our luscious lump of love, and we feel badly leaving her at the vet where she’ll sleep in a cage, even though we know they take very good care of her. One of our good friends who lives close and lives on a farm will be taking her, so she’ll get plenty of exercise. Plus, the daughter will love her excessively. She got her spa day today, so she is no longer smelly and her velociraptor claws are trimmed. As well, she will be around another dog, which she needs to help keep her humble, even though she is the Queen. We have good friends who love our pooch as much as they love us. 
  3. I got to spend the day with my daughter and make cookies and chicken soup. My little 11416_lrgimgPadewan has learned well, she has. It was a pretty random chip that went into the cookie – like, it was gross enough looking to buy so I could rip it apart when it came out so bad. But that didn’t happen. We made the recipe on the back of the bag, and the cookies were really good. As a cookie dough connoisseur, I will say the dough was gross, but the actual cookie came out delightfully delicious. In general, I loathe the pumpkin spice craze; however, this was a pleasant surprise, much like getting to spend the day with my darling daughter. It seems silly to be grateful for pumpkin chips, but it’s more the act of making good cookies with my daughter…

What are you grateful for this week? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. babiesbiscuitsandbooze

    I love posts like these – it’s so important to appreciate the little things in life! I find it really helpful to focus on positive things, especially those that are easy to take for granted.
    And since you asked – I am grateful for catching up with old friends, being asked to be bridesmaid for one of them and for my lovely husband for looking after me and our little one while we’ve been poorly!! Ellen

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