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I haven’t posted this in a few weeks; it’s not that I’m ungrateful, but I’ve been busy with managing my kids – they go to school in another state, and it’s been a lot of back and forth for appointments. I felt guilty not stopping at the end of each week and giving thanks to what has made me smile or made me happy, and that’s always a good indicator that I’m at least focusing on the good things. My life right now is made up of small things, moments that might strike others as trivial, but to me, they’re actually my life. Honestly, though, isn’t life made up of small moments – ones where we should stop and think, hey, thisthis is life. Otherwise, they might pass us by. Sure the grand trips are wonderful moments to relish, but small moments are at the core of our existence. Unless, you have a bottomless bank account, and then would you like to adopt a 44-year-old?

  1. mjaxmy1jyjc4mgzmztfkzjy0n2y5Last week, the proverbial shit hit the fan at my kids’ school; like double digits worth of the student body came forward and admitted to major violations of the Honor Code. Were my children involved? Thankfully, no. But they were willing to confront their peers head on, and speak their mind, even though it went against the grain of popular thought. They were also willing to take on the faculty when they made comments that were disagreeable to the general student body. In short, their characters shined as good human beings. It’s moments like this when I know they will be OK in the big bad world, and they will make it a better place.
  2. My daughter has post-consussive syndrome – in layman’s terms, it’s when the reconnecting-after-concussion-7-638symptoms of a concussion linger for much longer than average. She sustained the concussion the end of the summer skiing in the Southern Hemisphere, came back to school with symptoms, and worked closely with the trainer who cleared her to go back to the South Hemisphere 4 weeks later, after the symptoms had fully disappeared; then all the symptoms came back. It’s been improving slowly, but the trainer is the one who’s requested to take her to the appointments so he can best help her recovery; he absolutely wants to make sure she can heal properly before she’s back to skiing. As a former trainer for the US Ski Team, he has a pretty conservative approach to clearing athletes after concussions, so my husband and I trust his judgement, and we’re beyond thankful he’s actively engaged in her recovery. It’s helping her mental state-of-being as much as her physical recovery.
  3. tailors-chalk-517029_1280Having a good tailor is a necessity for me – I’m 5’3″ on a good day, so pretty much every pair of pants needs to be shortened, even crop pants… yeah. It’s awesome being short. Anyways, I found a dress I adore for a formal event I’m attending in a few weeks, but as with many formal dresses, it’s oddly sized. My size it pretty damn tight, and they didn’t have the next size up. Because I loved the dress so much, I decided to go ahead and purchase it, knowing I have a stellar tailor. I brought the dress to her, put it on, and she came over gushing about how gorgeous the dress was and what in the world did I need to have done to it. Then, I opened my mouth and squeaked out, “I need to be able to breathe in it.” She chuckled. I couldn’t laugh because I was wearing a vice. She unzipped me, and slid her fingers around the seam saying, “Easy. You only need an inch taken out for room to breath, and that’s a cinch.” And it’s only costing me $12.50!! God bless good tailors.

What are you grateful for this week? Tell us in the comments!

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