Artisan Salted Caramels – Pure Heaven!

I’m a firm believer in one thing when it comes to quality of food – small batch matters. Artisan means made by hand by a skilled tradesman. AKA not done by machine. This term is generally synonymous with quality, since the root of the word is art done by a passionate person within the craft. Passion for food always equals a delightful outcome.


I stumbled across these gorgeous confections the other week in a local store, and it took me a sum total of 24 hours to eat the whole bag, and I will say I actually had to restrain myself from eating it all in one sitting. Do I feel the least bit guilty? Nope. Please note all the empty wrappers within the bag.

Salted caramel is on ever corner, in every drink, cupcake, and drenched in chocolate, as well. It’s almost become as cliché as pumpkin spice. So why do I write about this particular brand?? It was that good. Caramels are one of my favorite confections, and I actually consider myself a a bit of a connoisseur. Any sweet shop I stumble upon beckons me in to buy them. Most are good. Few make we weak in the knees. Tahana caramels made me weak in the knees.


Focus in on the back of the package:

  1. You can pronounce all the ingredients, and you know what each one is. Try this on the back of commercial brands… one brand contains oil, artificial flavors (only said company knows what that is), whey, and soy lecithin. If you’re an experienced baker, you likely know what soy lecithin is, but to the general consumer, it’s a WTF ingredient. Perhaps the same with whey. The fact of the matter is this – when small batches are made with quality ingredients, you don’t need WTF ingredients because you can create a indulgent product without additives. Small batch allows for real food that does the same trick.
  2. Let’s look at the description – terms like luxurious and perfect balance are used, and rightfully so. I might argue the take me to the beach aspect, but I will absolutely agree with the made in heaven component.

It’s a thin, square shaped caramel that literally started to melt in my mouth when it landed there. Few others have ever done that, and there was truly a luxurious feel to the caramel – soft, gooey, and delightfully chewy. The salt wasn’t just on top of each piece, it was part of the whole experience; there was a delightful crunch to the caramel. The salt is woven into the caramel, so it added to the overall textural experience of eating the confection. The flavors were perfectly balanced – not overly vanilla-y, not too cream-y or buttery flavored, but just perfect. Like Goldilocks’ bed perfect. And they use vanilla beans! Not just the extract, but the actual bean! And you can see these beans in the caramel. I might suggest they had me at vanilla bean…

The price of $8.25 might seem high, but for exceptional quality, I tend to overlook price, especially in food. I didn’t regret a single penny as I gobbled these beauties down.

The front of the package suggests these are “Unforgettable Caramels for Every Taste,” and these were remarkable enough for me to write about. I will absolutely be getting more… and more… and likely more.

Tahana’s website even looks like this lifestyle piece of art – We make unforgettable caramel, you create the moment. Trust me, they live up to this tagline, event if your moment is driving in the car; you’ll suddenly find yourself singing. Whatever your moment, it will be made that much better by these lovely confections.

Don’t believe what I’m saying? Go to Tahana’s website, and they’re willing to send you a sample to make you a believer (you pay shipping).

For the record, I was not compensated in any way for this review – I stumbled upon these treats on my own and bought them – but if Tahana wants to throw some love my way, I will happily take it and continue to GUSH about how amazing these are!


  1. mummypowerblog

    Just what an unusual post ice stumbled across!it got me gripped by the way you write, your my kind of person.someone who has passion in something and wants to share it with the world or is happy to harp about it to anyone willing to listen lol.I simply enjoyed reading this post. And found some humour in it too, where probably not as made me smile nevertheless.I often read the words ‘salted caramel’ and a red light flashes in my mind, telling me to avoid. Or that the caramel is going to be salty…but you described it to make me reconsider it immediately…you should ideally be doing something in food advertising lol

  2. mummypowerblog

    Hopefully you don’t go crazy and order a dozen bags..the post kind of tells me you might do this .and you Dont want to end up diabetic..if you are already you should just order the one samlle for safety lol

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