3 Things – Gratitude

You know, a kind reader reminded me gratitude is important. Not that I necessarily needed that reminder, but if no other post matters, then let it be this one. We both think all our amazing posts matter in some regard, but we’ll allow it to suffice that our gratitude posts strike cords in people. Because they should. We all need to be more grateful for the given blessings in our everyday worlds. And everyday life is just that – it’s our life.

  1. Call me a dork, but I’m one of those people who collects the mugStarbucks mugs from around the world. And I like the old version, Starbucks – please take note of this – not the new “You Are Here” ones. The new ones are shallow and the graphics aren’t as cool. Boo on the new. Now I did not travel to Chile, but my little globe-trotting children have recently for training, and they both came home this week. I don’t ask them to get me anything, but they know what I do like, and my son got this for me 🙂 And my daughter got a three-legged pie llama. Think of a pie bird, but made even better as a three-legged llama. Do I care about the goodies? OK, not gonna lie – yes. Do I care way more that my children are safely home, and that for a rare few days in time all four of us are under the same roof. Absolutely.
  2. My favorite time of year is Fall. The smells of everything from baking to the leaves just makes me happy. The kids and I went apple picking today, and came home withapp more apples than I know what to do with. Rest assured they will become some lovely baked goody soon enough. It kills me the price on these apples, when you could drive up the road to their orchard and pick like we did and get a full pound for $1.50, but to each their own. We stopped in the country store of the orchard for their cider doughnuts… Are the smells and tastes of the apples and doughnuts amazing? Duh. Being able to share it again with my kids – what did MasterCard say? Priceless.
  3. I am blessed to have an insanely awesome Mother-in-Law. When I say these words, I know so many woman who cringe. I feel sad for them, but then again, I tend to cringe when someone brings up my mother. It’s all in perspective, I say. Want to know how awesome my Mother-in-Law is? Well, she drove over an hour this week just to have a quick bite with the kids before they go back to school, but she also took my husband’s Great Aunt horseback arelenriding one last time as part of her bucket list. This is a woman who’s over 90 and not doing so well, but look at the gorgeous smile they both have on their faces because my husband’s Great Aunt got to be on a horse again! This is how awesome we should all be – to make someone’s bucket list items come true.

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What are you grateful for this week? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Gaye Drady

    Thank you, and I too have always advocated the joy and bounty in ‘the little things’ and will soon also blog about that. This week, I swam in a mountain stream by myself, and it was so beautifully magical that the memory of the feelings it gave me will last forever. That’s my ‘little thing’. Kind regards, Gaye

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