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  1. McDonald’s Has The Pumpkin Spice French Fries You Didn’t Ask ForWe all know the Japanese can be known for eccentricities, both in fashion and food, but this falls into the WTF category for us. And the Hell No one, as well. Be our guest if you want to jump on a plane, learn the phrase Trick or Treat in Japanese, and eat this narsty concoction. We both think the whole pumpkin spice craze needs to drown in its own blood. And here’s Trick or Treat in Japanese. Have fun: トリック・オア・トリート

  2. Why Do We Judge Parents For Putting Kids At Perceived — But Unreal — Risk? Parents, we ask you this – how many of you rode your bikes without helmets, all day long and into the night without supervision, drank from the hose, and didn’t use hand sanitizer afterwards? We know we did. So why are we so judgy of other parents now who let their kids do this stuff? For our parts, we know we aren’t the most amazing parents every day, so who in hell are we to judge. Perhaps this take can sum it up, “It’s not that risks to children have increased… Instead, it could be that moral attitudes toward parenting have changed… And because it’s judged morally wrong, people overestimate the risk.” This is a very curious read where some social experiment are run, and the results are interesting. Seriously peeps, for the record, moral superiority is overrated. Move on and let your kid take some real calculated risks. I let mine speed downhill on skis at speeds over 70 mph, and trust me, there are plenty of nay-sayers to that commentary. What’s your excuse?
  3. Granola (Yes, Granola) Is the Greatest Recipe of All Time:  “The greatness of this recipe lies in its ultra toasty, lightly sweet flavor and its combination of crunchy and chewy textures.” Sold. No need to say more.
  4. The Top Fall 2016 Menswear TrendsWhy are we looking at male fashion trends, you ask? We had the chance to guest write for Manner, offering our irreverent spin on male fashion this fall (hopefully you’ll see it within the next week or so).- The bolded part of the tweet says it all about his über cool blog:

    9 Acts of #Style Suicide – I think we found our #male #fashion #counterparts #dontdoit via @MannerJax

    — DangerouslyBeautiful (@DBmoms) August 29, 2016

    We started with runway looks, and wowza. Holy lady-lookalike, Batman. We did not expect to see dudes who looked like ladies strutting down the catwalk with man purses and all. Clearly, we don’t pay enough attention to the male fashion world. Have yourself a train wreck of a laugh. You’re welcome. For the record, we decided to write about male street style during fashion week. Far more pleasant to look at.

  5. Crawling underneath your chair is the latest workout challengeWant a challenge this weekend? Give this workout a go. Paige tried it a few weeks ago, and it fell into the complete shitshow category; maybe that’s what warranted the emergency chiropractic call? When she gets a little better at it, we’ll video it. You’ll still get a hearty laugh, we promise. Unless you’re Gumby, we’re sure this is a challenge.
  6. Hangover-Free Alcohol Could Take Over the Market by 2050We know some of you are singing Hallelujah right now, but until how it’s done is studied, we’ll stick with the real stuff, and have a glass of water in-between each drink.
  7. The 25 Best Shoe Quotes of All TimeWe’re slightly saddened Oprah opens this peek into amazing shoe fashion, but we firmly believe in #3: ‘Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.’ – Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn, baby, you stole our thoughts.
  8. Fresh Fig Tart: “The photogenic tart will make you look like a pastry chef, though it’s no more difficult than baking a pie.” The key is ingredients, and although good fresh figs are waning quickly in New England, if you’re someplace where they are good and ripe, please send this tart to us overnight. Thank you in advance.
  9. 14 Beauty Products You Should Bring to the GymThis is a curious list – If we go to the gym with makeup on, it’s because we’re going from work or appointments, and plan to go straight home and shower afterwards. If you’re putting on makeup before you work out… perhaps rethink why you’re at the gym. But, some of the post-workout products seem smart. Although, there is no hope for wipes to clean up sweat when Paige is done… it’s a shower or nothin’. Just sayin’.

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