3 Things – Gratitude

It’s not that we’ve been ungrateful for the last few weeks, we’ve just been busy, sick, home hunting, job searching. You know, life got in the way. Never a bad thing, but it’s also been stressful for both of us.

  1. Stress can induce illness, in truth, but friends can help keep you sane. 82Sweet exact words from Jean when asked what she was grateful for this week, “You helped me stay sane. Another friend called me today from Savannah to check in and tell me she loves me.” Jean’s not a mushy one, but simple words mean so much. Here’s to friends who make our world more beautiful.

2. img_6864Who says you can’t buy happiness? We beg to differ…in an amazing bakery, you can absolutely do such things… it’s delectable nature cannot be underscored enough. When you hit this up after a honkin’ burger, the food coma bliss is almost indescribable. And this is only a sampling of the carb inducing bliss you can find in here.

3. Jean got a new job, and the house hunt is closing in.  One less stressor off her plate. If only I could find a job that13903364409_6de5ec67a2_b fit into my life right now…I suppose I could, but then the boy would be living alone in a rented house all by himself, and I’m just smarter than that with regards to a 15 year old…My job right now is to just be there to help him and his sister chase their dreams. I understand this when I’m not completely and utterly bored out of my bloody gourd.

What are you grateful for this week?


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