Glitter, Glitz, & Glam

We became fascinated with the whole glitter makeup thing a few weeks back when we came across this article on how to wear glitter makeup this fall, and posted it in Links We’re Lovin. Maybe it’s not for everyone – maybe you think it’s just for Halloween, and only if you’re dressing up as Dorothy – but it was intriguing enough for us to try, ’cause we like to think we’re Glamour Girls…ones who live in semi-rural settings. Oxymoron of the century, we know.

I – Paige – set out that week after reading the Vogue article to find the Pat McGrath Labs glitter lipstick at Sephora. Why? Why not? I hit up Boston, and inadvertently wandered into ab64c127d5cfb36a3a452d8c950bb4e00 major event they were having. The gentleman at the door was wearing ruby red lipstick, and asked if I was a member of the VIB Rouge; Sephora‘s premier member group. Basically, it means you’ve spent a shit-ton of money on makeup in one year. I said no, thinking VIB Rouge sounded like an elite membership to a sex club (come on – if you’re not a makeup insider, you were thinking that, too), but oddly I was curious. Staring at the ruby lipped gentleman in my path, I simply pointed at his lips, saying, “I want what you’re wearing.” Hell of a pickup line. A man in lipstick is a curious enough thing, especially when he is standing in your path to said lipstick. Who actually cares that he’s wearing lipstick – if he can rock it, so can you. I actually was torn between between wanting to stop and chat about the details of how he achieved that exact look, but I looked in the crowded store and saw lots and lots of people – he was in my path to a hot product.

This glitter lipped gentleman informs me what he’s wearing isn’t the Pat McGrath, it’s Ciaté London, and I’m whisked away by another staff member to find this much cheaperfullsizerender-5 product that will achieve the same effect. The whole Pat McGrath set can run between $65-$150, depending on how many color palettes you get – well, it won’t run you much, actually – most of it sold out pretty damn quick online, and not even the bigger stores are carrying it. The Ciaté London Glitz Grip is only $10, and the given link has a video showing you how to use it – but seriously, if you need a video to help you apply a lip gloss like product… Anyways, I bought the glitter separate ($10); the only color Boston had was pink, but there was also gold and red – oddly it’s not online; try a bigger store, if interested. Also, you can buy the Glitz Fix kit for the bargain price of $19 from Ciaté, and it includes the grip, the glitter, and a clean up brush for stray glitter. For those of you willing and daring, dive right in. I think it’s all amazing.

I had on my lip color, and then applied the grip, and dabbed on the glitter.lip Here’s what it looks like from a distance. Subtle. I’m a bold lip color kinda gal, but you can see a little sparkle. You can also see the palette I made from Buxom; while the colors look alike – thank you poor lighting – they are not.


fullsizerender-5To the left is a closeup shot. Damn camera phones suck at close up, but I also didn’t have my glasses on, either…No airbrushing of my skin, just me. Again, it’s pretty subtle.

Now, Jean tried the same process as me, and we couldn’t figure what was going on – the glitter was clumping in the lower left side of her lip. She took it off, applied the grip evenly, and dabbed the glitter more lightly, and still the same. We began to laugh because it was really the only thing you could see was this glob of glitter. As I was grabbing my camera, she took it off, so you’ll just have to imagine the blob of bubble gum pink glitter on her lip.

And here’s the thing about that statement – I had on a plumy colored lipstick as a base. Jean had on a more red lipstick as a base, but her coloring is so different than mine it looked bubblegum pink on her. So remember to test the color of the glitter on your skin tone.

All in all, I love this! I’d wear it out any night for fun, but especially to an event like a holiday party or the gala I will be attending in a few months. Why? Because I can. And it’s fun. And I love it.

There are no fashion rules if you love what you’re wearing. You’re simply going to rock what you love.

Need a quick tutorial and review beyond mine? Check out Wise Choice below – and we love her advice – don’t go all 80s. We’ve been there, done that:

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