3 Things – Gratitude

We will repeat this every week: We both believe life is the everyday moments; however, we all sometimes tend to get wrapped up in minutia, and forget that these little moments are our life. So, we want to stop and give gratitude to the little things that make our hearts happy each week.

You should share your love with others, as well. That smile, that happiness, those simple things… you never know how simple things can simply make someone’s life a little better. And appreciating them is one little key to happiness. We hope you enjoy what made us smile and grateful this week.

  1. This week, I’ve been able to be home – as in home home, not rental home in another grapestate – since both my kids were quite busy and engaged at school, and husband is traveling.  We have a small orchard, and since it’s been such a blisteringly hot and dry summer, we have a bumper crop of grapes. Yes, grapes grow in New England. And I’ve always loathed grape jelly, until I made my own homemade. It is literally the best stuff on the face of the planet. If you’ve ever tasted homemade grape jelly, you know exactly what I am talking about. And this picture does not include the green grapes on the vines still. Which is a whole other treat to turn into a white grape jelly. Divinity can come in so many forms in nature.
  2. I took my 15 year old son and two of his friends to a Trump rally this week. Yes. I did. I really didn’t want to – and my political shift here doesn’t matter. I didn’t want to trumpbecause it would require me to drive across multiple states multiple times. I spend enough time in a car… like my 4 1/2 yr old car has almost 135,000 miles on it. But, as my husband had to point out (and I say that lovingly), “He’s interested in politics. You should take him.” And quite simply because I came to realize this point as valid, I did take him. I’m not one for political rallies, but I had some concerns addressed, some questions raised, and got some general laughs at the surroundings. But why am I grateful for this? The conversation to and from the rally with my son and his friends was good conversation peppered with many questions that showed these boys had done some homework on why they would support Trump. I had to counter some of their ideas due to error in information, but some just to play devil’s advocate to see how in-depth their research was. All in all, I was impressed with their thoughtful remarks and reasoning. And they were just plain so pumped to be at the rally, they were fun to watch. My son actually bought a Trump wig, and at least 20 people asked if they could have their pictures taken with my him… I suppose he might have been Instafamous for a night. Whether you agree with Trump here is not the point. My husband and I allow our child to have free thought in politics, and we engage him in honest conversation about why he supports any candidate or political ideal – we’re building the foundation to one of the most civic duties he will hold in the next election – his right to vote. And he wants to learn about politics, and is willing to watch and read various news sources, engage trusted adults in conversation, and read books about various hot political topics…Who am I to say no. Besides, after the day I had with him today, one where he’s lucky I didn’t drop his sorry butt off on the side of the highway somewhere, I needed to be reminded of why I’m grateful for his fierce attitude.
  3. Fall is my favorite season; it always has been since I was a kid when I lived down South. I love the cooler days, peakcrisp nights, and the color – OMG, the color in New England is insane. When I moved to New England, I really fell in love with the months of September and October. Some of my favorite memories and pictures of my kids are apple picking. Then there’s pumpkin everything (although we all know that insanity started Labor Day), apple baking, cider making – we own a cider press… yeah, you do crazy things like that when you have a small apple orchard. The smells of fall – the leaves, the baking, the food…I adore every single piece of these two months up here (it gets me through the next month, November, which I like to call stick season). However, the foliage up here is beyond explanation some years – apparently it has to do with water tables, etc, etc – but even a dull year doesn’t disappoint. If you’re a leaf peeper, as we call the ones who travel up to see the foliage, here is the times table for peak foliage. And I will say this, it’s already changing, so this projection is fluid, at best. The leaves in our yard are starting to turn, and it just makes me smile. 🙂

And as a post script… I earned my yellow belt last week!!!

What are you grateful for this week? Tell us in the comments! Happy weekend!❤ Paige🙂

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