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Apologies for not posting this Sunday – we were a crazy busy bunch, as Paige’s son was completing his Eagle Scout project – more on that later! And sadly, Jean got a wicked sinus infection and has been down for the count for a few days!

But, here are the pieces we read last week that piqued our interests. Hope you enjoy!


  1. Our Use Of Little Words Can, Uh, Reveal Hidden Interests: This article examines the use of little words like “The. This. Though. I. And. An. There. That.” But where we got fascinated was how the “…work has to do with power dynamics. He says that by analyzing language you can easily tell who among two people has power in a relationship, and their relative social status.” If you follow the example and reexamine your own emails, conversations, letters, etc., you will find exactly what he did, and we did… when you’re not the superior, you use personal pronouns far more. Try not to in a conversation with a superior next time and see how hard it is…
  2. 13 Fucks You Stop Giving When You’re A Grown WomanSeriously, need we say any more?? LOVED this article!

  3.  Six gins a day is secret to long life says Mabel, 100Who knew the secret was 6 gins a day? Dammit, we’re on board, Mabel.

  4.  Lemon Ricotta Cake Recipe“Let eat cake,” Marie Antoinette said. “YAAASSS! Absolutely!” Jean & Paige shouted in reply.

  5. Ready, Set, Sparkle! 11 Glorious and Glittering Makeup Ideas for New York Fashion Week@slickwoods said, “Art meets makeup is one dope-ass concept,” proclaims Woods. Enough said. Think outside your box here… this is amazing. Go Pat McGrath! If you want to see what it looks like in “real life” and not on the runway or a celeb who has their makeup done, check this out, and you’ll see how real life amazing it is!

  6.  This couple has 13 sons, only wants a girlWe’re sorry – well, not really, but we think this is asinine. And selfish. Go ahead, tell us we’re wrong. We’re firm on our stance here. You just are going to keep having more???

  7. Diver doesn’t understand what seal wants – until it grabs his handWatch this video to have your heart melt. We’re booking our next trip here to dive with this seal.

  8. At Mattapan Barbershop’s ‘Cut And Curls’ Event, Kids Get Free Hair Cuts, School SuppliesWe saw this on a Boston news station, and when we looked online to find the link to share, we discovered many barber shops around the country do this before school starts. Amazingly big-hearted people giving back to thier communities. Feel good story of the week!

  9. The New Age in Power DressingAn interesting read about women in power and how they dress. As Theresa May said, “I’m a woman, I like clothes. One of the challenges for women in politics, in business, in all areas of working life, is to be ourselves, and to say you can be clever and like clothes.” We like her. And the article goes on to say, “Not to mention giving permission for girls and young women to expect that just because they want to wear something that looks less like corporate armor and more like high style, it does not mean they are not highly intelligent and serious people.” Amen. Amen.

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