3 Things – Gratitude

We will repeat this every week: We both believe life is the everyday moments; however, we all sometimes tend to get wrapped up in minutia, and forget that these little moments are our life. So, we want to stop and give gratitude to the little things that make our hearts happy each week.

You should share your love with others, as well. That smile, that happiness, those simple things… you never know how simple things can simply make someone’s life a little better. And appreciating them is one little key to happiness. We hope you enjoy what made us smile and grateful this week.
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1. I wanna throw some serious love to a new site I found RAWPixel. Why is this something I’m grateful for? Well, if you’re a creative person: a writer, a blogger, a designer, etc. you know how expensive stock photos can become. This site is relatively new, but their pics are growing daily and they’re good. I love to create posters, for everything from Pinterest to event posters, and I need access to stock quality images, but loathe the price of sites like istockphoto – one image can cost $33. Asinine. RAWPixel, you guys rock and you’ve made me smile today. Thank you. If you want to use their images, use this referral link 🙂

2. I go for my yellow belt test in kickboxing Friday night (I’m writing this post Thursday yellow-ss1night because I will be fairly busy Friday and Saturday with various things between home and another state). I’m fairly confident that I know what I need to know and can perform the tasks, but I’m still a bit nervous. And this nervousness is a good thing. It will keep me on my toes. One of the conditions to test for any level is that you go regularly and you show a commitment. I started kickboxing last summer, and after 3 months, left to come far North. I went back this summer, and asked if I could test so I didn’t have to be a white belt forever. I’m beyond thankful the couple who owns the gym is allowing me the chance to prove how much I love this sport.

3. Who doesn’t love cookies? If you say you don’t, well, I’m fairly certain we cannot becookie friends. I followed this NYT Cooking recipe, and made a few tweaks – I don’t share what makes every recipe uniquely my own 😉  When you bake/cook enough, you know what you can do to amp up a recipe. Anyways, I doubled the recipe and gave them to the kids at my kids’ school – I got so much love back from giving them those cookies! I’ve already had requests for making these again, and soon! It was a simple recipe that created a delightfully cakey cookie, and the lemon just makes it all pop!

What are you grateful for this week? Tell us in the comments! Happy weekend! <3 Paige 🙂


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