Broad Shoulders, Wide Hips & Big Toe Hairs.

Hi All, Jean here… finally ūüôā

Clearly the title suggests I’ve had body image issues. ¬†Haven’t we all? ¬†I ponder these thoughts of not good enoughness now with a rich sense of clarity as I just celebrated a birthday. ¬†I do however note a seismic change in how I think and care about this. ¬†First of all, I am, and you are good enough. That is the theme of the post. ¬†I might say it a few times so get used to it. ¬† I’ve spent, or should I say wasted, oodles of time throughout my 49 years worrying about the most stupid shit as it relates to my “look.” ¬†Why? Self doubt, media images, wanting, desire, childhood, parenting, lack of parenting…..the list of reasons go on and on all for all of us. You know your demons.

The time has come for women my age to step up and let you and you and you know that you are good enough. ¬†Always and everyday. ¬†Your hair is awesome, your legs look great….your ass? So what if it’s big. ¬†It’s yours and you need to own it. ¬†My ‘always have a problem with’ areas? ¬†My hips are wide…so what. I am a woman and there is a natural reason why 99.827% of women have hips (I made that statistic up, but it seems about right). For me, my broad shoulders have always been an issue, but with this clarity comes the ability to step back from my negative viewpoint and realize the immense level of burdens and responsibilities I’ve carried throughout my life on these fantastic shoulders. ¬†SO, again, you are good enough, and so am I. ¬†I shall not shy away from bare shoulder fashion (okay maybe for a few months, but it’s getting cold up here in the North), but I will wear bare shoulder things when weather permits!

If Marie Antoinette can bare her shoulders, so can I.

I leave you with this. ¬†Take another look at yourself – a real hard look, and step back, and change the story you tell yourself. ¬†Turn your “so called” flaws into your story and make it good and positive. Because you are good enough and all those “flaws” are what make you, well, you! And as far as those¬†big toe hairs that seem to show up with age, shave or pluck that shit. It’s not ever fair to the guy or gal giving you a pedicure!

Those little piggies should be hair free.

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