End of the Curse

clothpadLet’s talk about this thing, here. Beautiful quilting piece or medieval period pad? Well, I guess both. How lucky were those women? They got to make their own period pads. Don’t you just wish you were one of them?

Now, I admit it, I still watch episodes of The Golden Girls. Even as a teenager, I loved this show. I may not have gotten all the humor then, but I wanted to be like them when I got older – a group of women who lived together, loved each other, and laughed at each other and made each other laugh.

This episode The End of the Curse was on the other day, and I couldn’t stop laughing with everything I’ve been going through with perimenopause. If you grew up down South, you understood the curse (or Aunt Flo) to be your monthly period, and the whole bit about Blanche and her understanding of the curse was hysterical. In the rendition below, you will laugh for a variety of reasons, least of which is because the voices are warped a few octaves higher to sound like chipmunks. Skip through to 14:28 and watch until about 19:00 (or better until 21:23, the end of the episode)

Dorothy: Look at it this way, you don’t get cramps once a month, you don’t go on eating binges once a month, you don’t get crazy once a month.

Sophia: You just grow a beard.

Dorothy: Don’t listen to her, Blanche.

Sophia: You grow a beard, Dorothy, believe me, I woke up one morning I looked like Arafat.

It’s a ride all us women are on, so we may as well share, laugh, and support each other. And as I say to gals younger than me, “It happens to the best of us.”

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