8 Shoe Styles That Will Carry You Into Fall

Alright. Let’s chat about the fact that September 1 WAS NOT the start of Fall. This weekend, aka Labor Day Weekend, IS ALSO NOT the start of Fall. September 22, 2016 is the official start of Fall this year. So get off your pumpkin spice bandwagon. But we understand transitional styles start now, and we up North can start to pull off fall transitional styles because the leaves are actually showing tints of color and the evening temperatures are dipping low, but for most of you outside the Northern realm of the country, well, you’ll be feeling warmth far longer than those of us living much more north of you.

Now that we have that straight, we can move forward with shoes. Shoes, OMG shoes. If you have not seen this video, well, you’re very welcome. It’s bizarre and utterly amazing. Paige almost cried laughing the first time she saw it not long after it came out – it was her students who showed it to her, which just made it that much better.

Also, we adore bloglovin‘ – it’s the best blog reader site available – you can follow us to get all of our amazing content there – and you can follow other greats sites. Registration is free and simple, too. We signed up for emails to see what other bloggers are writing about in the areas of interests we have, and of course shoes came up… duh.

We read the article 8 Shoe Styles That Will Carry You Into Fall (hence our title), and we want to chat about some of these, and actually give you options that are equally as stylish, but ones that won’t cost you 2 months salary…or more, since some are clearly high-end designer shoes. We approve if you want to splurge, but don’t sell the farm just for a look, especially when you can get the look for far less.

BeFunky Collage

  1. Flat Mules: Although these remind us of shoes we 0500044319465-black-b7488c2aboth owned in the 90s – if you
    haven’t figured this all out, the 90s are back – we
    approve of some of it. Fashion is cyclical, and it’s cool when the good stuff comes back. Although the fishnet socks in the collage? Maybe under the right circumstance with the right outfit?? Who are we to say no if you feel that badass. We found a remarkably similar pair to the ones in the collage – Razzi by Steve Madden – at Bluefly for $84.95. Score!
  2. Ballet Flats: We’re not totally sure ballet flats ever went image1xxlout, but the updated renditions with ribbons and other adornments are amazing. We’re not sure if we’re jealous of her shirt in the above picture, or feel, well, like she should be joining us ringside to pile out of the clown car. Anyways, back to the flats. The ones in the collage are Miu Miu, and we looovvve them, but they are $620. We found these Glamorous flats to the left for $33 on ASOS; we love them with the beautiful neutral color and the gorgeous ribbon; however, we couldn’t find them on the Glamorous site. And as we read reviews about ASOS, they weren’t so great reviews. Shop at your own risk. And Glamorous’ other shoes are pretty cool, too!
  3.  Sock Booties: Um, we’re not so sure about those in the collage picture, especially in white. They reek of ts32h05kmul_zoom_f_1a disco vibe, and truthfully, Paige worked with a woman who wore these in white waaaayyyy too often; she just looked like a pole dancer. And please do not think the skewed buttoning up of the shirt and one side untucked is a look that will make you look anything other than unkempt. Don’t care what high fashion thinks. We actually live in a professional world that would tell us to go home and sober up. But, while the picture to the right here doesn’t really look like a sock boot, it comes darn close in our minds, and these HARRY Jacquard Ankle Boots from Topshop are pretty freaking amazing. Besides, you get two trends for the bargain price of $125 – jacquard and booties. Score!
  4. Velvet Shoes: We are thrilled that velvet is back. As we said in 2126452_386132our Fall 2016 Trend report, it’s your chance to feel yourself up without anyone really questioning you. Why should your shoes be any different? We found these gorgeous Love and Luck Teal Velvet Ankle Strap Heels to the left on Lulus for only $32. This is a stunning color that will make all eyes covet your shoes (maybe even you). And frankly, ladies, it’s all about the shoes.
  5. The Heeled Loafer: OK, so if you’re one of the ones who loves a retro vibe, then you’ve been wearing these 3638945-p-multiviewon and off for a while. Yeah for us that’s it’s come back in vogue – whatever…wear what you want when you want. But the ones in the collage picture are Gucci and are $1,100. We totally dig them – and the hem on that jean – but these might not be in most people’s budget. We found these cool Marc Fisher LTD Keisha Patent Leather Tassel Block Heel Slip-Ons for $145 on Lord & Taylor. Stylish, classic…love.
  6. High Top Sneakers: High tops are a curious ctas-hi-white-black-blue-154900c_102_a_premthing for us, personally, but we own that quirk. Paige owns 4 pair of Converse low tops and wears them quite a bit. However, we’ve seen tons of gals, from tweens to 60-somethings, rock the high tops for years and years and years. Whatever high fashion. We get your finickiness about things being in “style”. While we’re not fans of the thicker high tops, we’re always a fan of ever-classic Converse, and for you kickass women out there, we salute the Wonder Woman in you with our pick for high tops: The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star DC Comics Wonder Woman High Top at $60.
  7. ts32g17kgry_zoom_m_1Heeled Mules: Again, fashion is cyclical and the 90s are here. And Paige just passed up a great deal on vintage high heeled Jimmy Choo mules on eBay the other day… alas, sometimes we just don’t act fast enough. Or make the decision to save money. Anyways, GLOBAL Point Mules from Topshop are pretty splendid. Classic, trend on, stunning in color, and decent deal at $100.
  8. Furry Shoes: OK, some of the stuff we saw coming down the runway was a HELL NO for us. I mean, Gucci – God 9f99a8bd31975b1430fdd918c4f34523love you, because we generally do – sent shoes that looked like Chewbacca down the runway. No. We don’t care. We just can’t. And you shouldn’t either. The shoes in the collage picture look like she threw on her slippers, and we have massive issues with the whole wearing slippers with decent outfits thing. People do it up where we live simply because they’re too damned lazy to put on decent shoes. Welcome to our neighborhoods. But, we did find a piece of this trend where we approve –Fur Collar Faux Suede Heels from Go Jane, and they’re girly as hell, which makes them even better. And the best part? They’re on sale for $25.96!!

Enjoy these shoe trends as the cooler weather settles into your area, and know you can get the look without breaking your bank! Tell us which ones you’re loving (or hating) in the comments below!

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