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  1. On Graphic Tees: The article says, “…our outfitting choices sometimes function as ephemeral tattoos that allow us to speak using our bodies.” And “…it seems important to remain true to your tattoo and the story you’re using your clothing to tell…” Well, truthfully, the tee in the collage is exactly how Jean and I feel some days. Graphic tee image credit – Yeah, you can buy it here, too. We just might. I think this will be in our wardrobes soon.
  2. Sweet Potato and Toasted Pecan Grilled Cheese: “The combination of melted cheese, toasted pecans and mashed sweet potatoes creates a gooey treat…” It’s being touted as a holiday treat for after Thanksgiving. But then I ask, why did it show up in my email this week? It obviously wants to be made. It obviously wants to put me in a food coma.

  3. 10 Things That Look Better ClutteredYou know, when you grew up in the South like Jean and I did, you might have been raised to think your house should look like some photo shoot from Southern Living. My mother was the Kapo at an SS camp every Saturday morning with regards to cleaning – my father ran out the door at 7am for any random task he could find, which left my sister and I to clean the house with our darling mother. Oooooohhhhh so much fun. I loathe cleaning to this day because of the emotional trauma it brings back. So I love this article about things that actually feel better when they’re a little cluttered; I agree with the statement, “Here are ten cases when a little clutter is downright decorative and cozy.” Amen.

  4. How a 77-Year-Old Disabled Artist Finally Got Her MomentA very cool story of Helen Rae and how her take on high fashion got her a solo art show. Amazing story.

  5. The Wonderfully Weird Makeup Trick That’s Sweeping KoreaBaby powder ain’t just for a baby’s butt no more. We’re going to have to try this… and video it. Because if it’s us, it will only prove hilarious.

  6. Against the GrainThis popped up in my Facebook history feed this week – an article I posted a while back. Curious read, especially if you have no need to be gluten-free and are just following what you think are healthy trends. Give it a read and tell us what you think. I’m going to keep eating my homemade bread. Quite simply because I can.

  7. “Could Care Less” Versus “Couldn’t Care Less”As a former English teacher who pounded good grammar into my students in an attempt to make them somewhat fully literate human beings, words and their meanings/connotations are paramount to me. So when you say irregardless (OMFG my computer recognizes this as an actual word! Oh for fuck’s sake…), I cringe, and don’t care who you are. I correct you. Same goes with ‘could care less.’ Apparently, you do still care… get it right. Read this article.

  8. Too Hot to Hoot PunchYou had us at the name. Seriously, how can you not want to make this as the waning days of summer are upon us??

  9. 8 Beauty Uses for Baking SodaWe seriously could have done without the image in #6 – you know you’re gonna go look right now – but the tips are otherwise pretty stellar.

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