3 Things – Gratitude

You know, it’s been one of those weeks… I’m not busy, because you know my thoughts on the commentary I’m soooooo busy, but I’ve spent my week schlepping back and forth between different states for things, and I just haven’t had time to write – unless I figure some way to write into my phone via bluetooth, but you’d likely get some vial language beyond what you’ve already encountered, because the game of touch and go at highway speeds is still a regular thing in my life. I’ve yet to figure this out – it happened again last night, but it was someone more my age and with a Canadian license plate. Maybe that’s it…damned Canadians. But that doesn’t explain the 20-somethings… I digress.

Jean and I were able to get together multiple times this week, and we’re always grateful for time with each other- twice in one week is a complete shocker, actually. Together, we laugh so hard we snort, we spend half the time doubled over in snorting laughter, and we just generally crack each other up because we let down every guard we have around each other. We are grateful because we met up for an impromptu dinner and makeup shopping trip – which is always a source of doubled over laughter (especially when you see how I can play with makeup), and then my husband and I met her for a small birthday celebration later in the week. I got bake for her, which is always a source of Zen for me, and we all got to share a drink at the end of the week. Cheers to a bloody good week.

I bought this shade of lipstick called Rock Steady. I actually left my signature smooch.
I made blueberry hand pies for Jean’s birthday. I didn’t take my own picture, but they looked like these (yes, they looked as pretty). You can use this recipe (image credit below), but I guarantee mine tasted way better than this recipe. I have secrets that I don’t tell when it comes to blueberry pie.
My husband was thoroughly impressed with Jean’s bourbon collection. Jean’s immensely grateful for her bourbon collection. He commented, “They have something like 50 bottles of bourbon.” I said, “You know she’s from Kentucky, and they do bourbon runs down there just like the wine tours in Napa, right?” He said, “That explains a lot.”

blueberry pie image credit, grateful thumbnail image credit

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