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We read so many different articles about so many things in the past few days, and here’s what piqued our interests. Fashion, technology, food, travel, politics, a touch of humor… we hit it all this week. Hope you enjoy!


  1. Bob Haircuts for Women Over 40The classic bob is sooooo trend-on this fall – like it ever went out of style… Need a new do? Check these out!
  2. Discover 11 Reasons Why Your Website Sucks And You Fail To Get ConversionsWe’re both LinkedIn fans, and the articles are engaging, depending on your perspective. Paige used to teach website design, and this article would have been perfect for her students – trust me, those who take classes like that can handle that kind of honesty. If you host a website, see if you pass his test.

  3. Cheddar, Cucumber and Marmalade SandwichesA simple “sweet, salty, cool variety” of sandwich… perfect for a light lunch/dinner, or the upcoming party we’re having!

  4. The Seven People You Meet in Bosnia: “My year in Bosnia chronicled for you. Full of stories, adventures and by the end ideally 7 people, places, moments and stories that made my year.” Follow a student who’s majoring in Holocaust & Genocide Studies and spending a year doing work with Vahidin Omanovic’s Center for Peacebuilding in Bosnia. Incredible journey.
  5. Alice Cooper Is Your New Beauty MuseAs the article says, “If you weren’t born with an RBF switch, François Nars for Marc Jacobs has your “don’t fuck with me” beauty look down.” Bahahaha! We came across this when curating Fall Fashion Trends, and we almost spit out our drinks. If Alice Cooper ever becomes your beauty muse, well, you’re beyond us. We suppose this is a good look for when you’re in a hurry the morning after a rough night out. Just smile at anyone who looks at you sideways, and say, “Alice Cooper is my muse.”

  6. Africa Takes Its Turn on the RunwayA fascinating look at Africa’s rising fashion industry.

  7. French burkini ban: Businessman pays women’s finesThe article states, “My duty is to remind great European democracies that what made these great democracies is the respect of fundamental freedoms,” Nekkaz said. “However, like the French philosopher Voltaire once said, even if I don’t agree with these women, I will fight until death to guarantee their freedom of expression,” said Nekkaz, who gave up his French nationality in 2013.” Good read about political and religious freedoms.

  8.  This “Ugly” Denim Trend Is Officially Bigger Than EverHigh-waisted Mom Jeans are back… We. Just. Cannot. No, don’t even try to convince us. No.

  9. 17 Fall Trends to Know NowWe did our own Fall Fashion Trend report, but every place has their take, and this Rue La La‘s take on what you need to know. There are a several that overlap, but a few we didn’t cover…We wanna know where we can get that red cape and the blue shoes in Quilted Coats picture – Oh la la!

What are you reading that got you interested? Share in the comments!

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