3 Things – Gratitude

We both believe life is the everyday moments; however, we all sometimes tend to get wrapped up in minutia, and forget that these little moments are our life. So, we want to stop and give gratitude to the little things that make our hearts happy each week.

You should share your love with others, as well. That smile, that happiness, those simple things… you never know how simple things can simply make someone’s life a little better. And appreciating them is one little key to happiness. We hope you enjoy what made us smile and grateful this week:

  1. This week, Jean & I were able to catch up for a spur of the moment dinner & drinks. The food was fabulous (even though the service was slow as molasses), and the drinks were bright and bubbly! How can you wrong when you order drinks called Wreck My Ship? We had a blast! That was also the night that spurred a part of my post Don’t Take Your Frustrations Out on My Choos!!
  2. Jean’s daughter left for her junior year in college, and her son leaves this week for Basic Training down South. She’s insanely grateful for the moments she’s been able to have with them these last few weeks.
  3. As wives whose husbands travel, we’re more than grateful for the companionship of our furry, four-legged family members; besides, it was National Dog Day this week! Life is so much better with the love of a dog.
Wreck Your Ship cocktail on a warm summer’s evening with a great friend. There is nothing better than moments like this.


Even though Jean’s daughter left for her junior year of college, she held on to her Kindgarten tutu in the purge.
Jean’s son leaves for Basic training down South this weekend.
Happiness is a furry friend.

What are you grateful for this week? Tell us in the comments below!

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