Cue the Cuteness! It’s National Dog Day!


Today is National Dog Day, and we couldn’t be more happy about our furry friends. Jean has 2 Jack Russel terriers – Oliver and Barley, and a Dachshund – Rumford; and Paige has a chunk of an English Bulldog – Lucy, lovingly nicknamed Queen Fat Lucy.

We’re both wives of men who travel frequently and for long periods of time, so we relish the company our furry companions give us. They snuggle with contented sighs when sprawled┬ánext to us. And on the protector side of things – Jean’s dogs could announce a fly coming at 500 yards. Lucy? Well, let’s just say it’s a good thing Paige knows and regularly practices self-defense.

No matter – these furry companions make our lives soooo much better. Share your pooch pics in the comments!

Barley being adorable
Queen Fat Lucy guarding the recycling with precision skills

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