Could You Be MORE Excited?! It’s National Waffle Day!

foodPEOPLE – this is SERIOUS NEWS! It’s National Waffle Day! Your smile should be so bloody wide right now, your face hurts! You should feel like Barbie in Toy Story:

Since we’re diehard foodies who love a good waffle – I mean, really…come on – we took a wee bit of time today to curate some plans for your dinner. Enjoy! And share your pics of the loveliness you make for dinner tonight!

And we made it SUPPER easy (pun intended) for you – just click the images below for the recipes!

The Basic Buttermilk:

DO NOT equate basic with boring… You’re dead wrong. And trust us on the buttermilk. We’re both Southern at heart, and we know certain things make everything better. And please… use real maple syrup. As transplanted Northerners, even though we both grew up on it, we now understand Aunt Jemima is crap.

Buttermilk - February 2015

For Those of You With Savory (and Perhaps Refined) Tastes:

There are several recipes in here that are easy, and amazing, and you can sneak veggies in… But admittedly, the chicken and waffles stole our Southern hearts.


Cornmeal & Ricotta Waffles… Um, Yes, Please:


For Dessert:

Yeah, this S’mores Waffle Sundae had us at hello. This is serious food porn, here.


For Those of You Who Want the Whole Dinner Plan & to Entertain Your Children While You Make it:

Although, we admit, we’d slap that Sloppy Oscar mix in between two waffles…

And While You’ve Got That Waffle Iron Out…

Why not make more breakfast for dinner (or brunch, or snack, or…)?! Learn all the cool, unexpected things you can do with a waffle iron. It’s a multi-tasker, just like you.



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