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We’re just like you – we love to peruse so many things on the Internet from food (we’re both avid foodies), to fashion (we both think we missed our calling in this industry), to stories that pique our interest (you never know what you’ll get in this category with us). We have varied talents and interests, so we thought we’d share what we’re reading online. Some of it may be of use, some is amazing, and some of it is just funny. Enjoy this week’s selection!


  1. 10 Makeup Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making – Painfully guilty of #2. Not good at #3. Probably guilty of #8.

  2. How to Style Ballet Flats – They’re back, and more adorable than ever with the lace-up aspect. Learn the best ways to have fun with them!

  3. Hilarious Summaries of Classic Novels – When Sparknotes just is too much.
  4. 10 End of Summer Must-Have Cocktails – For the summer lush in all of us. Go ahead and drink up. We approve, sistas! But, you’ll have to take inspiration from the photos because she hasn’t posted the recipes… but damn they look good. I’m guessing with very little ingenuity, you can create a bloody good drink – necessity is the mother of invention, right?
  5. Mayim Bailik Talks Divorce – Ok, loved her as a teen actor, adore her on Big Bang Theory. As the article states, “It’s not the rose-colored version of divorce. It’s the no bullshit truth and it is beyond refreshing.” Amen. We love her perspective. And no bullshit is how we roll.
  6. 8 Female Pioneers & Their Secrets to Success Part powerful female inspiration, part gorgeous fashion. All amazing. The article opens, “Luxury outerwear and accessories label Tricouni is renowned for dressing innovators and explorers. For its latest campaign the brand has brought together inspiring females to recreate the legendary image of nine young men ready to climb Mount Everest in 1924.”
  7. Grilled Sea Scallops With Yellow Beets, Cucumbers and Lime – We’re avid foodies, and this looks a-maze-ing. And, it claims it’s “nearly effortless to put together.” Even betta. For when it’s too hot in the kitchen.

  8. Stella Walsh was one of the greatest female athletes in history – If you watched Caster Semenya race her way to gold last night, then you may or may not know the controversy surrounding this incredible female athlete. But she wasn’t the first athlete who was intersex. We had no idea and had to educate ourselves.
  9. The Return of the Bookclub – Maybe we’re uncool – we never thought bookclubs went out of style – but we loved this quote, “Describing what happens at book club (aside from discussing the book, obviously) Poppy says: ‘Something amazing happens when women get together. There’s a magic. A comfort. New friendships are born, new strengths are found and wonderful new communities are formed.'” Amen, sistas. Find a good book and start that club. Wine, books, women – only good can come from this. Only good can come.

    What links are you lovin’? What’s piquing your interests? Tell us in the comments!

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