3 Things – Gratitude

We’ve been inspired by some things we’ve seen and read lately, and just thought, “Hey, let’s share our good things.” Spread the love kinda deal. Sometimes life can get so crazy, so hectic, and really beat you down; it’s important to remember the little things that can make you smile.

We wanted to start a ‘3 Things – Gratitude’ weekly post to share what we’re grateful for – and it’s little things. We both believe life is the everyday moments; however, we all sometimes tend to get wrapped up in minutia, and forget that these little moments are our life. So, we want to stop and give gratitude to the little things that make our hearts happy.

It’s been a quiet week – the kids started school, and we settled back into our rental “home” for the school year. I managed to get some good walks in with my pooch, we finally got a yoga class started for the kids at their school (so desperately needed for these athletes), and Jean and I managed to finally get together for a fun day of shopping with her daughter before she heads back to college. Jean will join us once her daughter is back in school 🙂

We’re shooting for three things we’re grateful for each week. You should share your love with others, as well. That smile, that happiness, those simple things… you never know how simple things can simply make someone’s life a little better. And appreciating them is one little key to happiness.

She was so excited, she took me for a walk.
The start of weekly yoga for the kids – so needed, and they’re so happy to have it! It was even more Zen-like in this beautiful outdoor setting.
Fun day of shopping! Can you tell who the moms are, and who the college girl is?!


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What small things are you grateful for this week? Tell us in the comments 🙂

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