Fall 2016 Fashion Trends – a la Us

Fashion and style are very much pieces of our lives. We are relatively polished women who’ve embraced our sense of style whole-heartedly, and are repeatedly commended for how well we dress, and how well we put ourselves together. In short, we be stylish bee-atches. But remember, we’re also irreverent, even about the things we love.

As well, please note this – we understand the difference between style and fashion. As Yves Saint Laurent famously said, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” We flat out rock our personal styles quite simply because we’ve embraced every aspect of them, from the makeup to the shoes. But we’re always exploring, too; we see what’s trending each season, and find a few pieces we like within our budgets to add to our closets.  If we end up loving it, we let the piece continue to play in our closet. If not? Off to the consignment store or eBay it goes to put $$ back in the pot for another season. We only invest in pieces we love that build our stylish wardrobes – pieces with timeless vibes that are well made. Either way, we both have to put on a piece and say, “OMG, love it,” in order for it to make it’s way into our closest. #tipstoliveby

fashion-1063100_960_720Model image attribution – Let’s talk about her for a moment. She’s rockin’ a few Fall 2016 makeup trends, too – the bold lip, the defined, bold brow, and that rock star eye makeup. Jean has the eye makeup to a science. I’m jealous of them both. If I go bold with eye makeup, I generally look like some strung out version of Bozo the Clown.

We know you’re busy, so we perused multiple sites and curated Fall 2016’s trends. Pick a few and play. But don’t go all cra-cra and try them at once. Wait. If you do, please do send pics. Please. 

In the breakdown below, please understand these are runway fashions… what trickles down to everyday wear, unless you have a couture bank account, will look different- and in some cases, thank God for that. Find the trends you like and look for ways to incorporate to suit your style sense.

The Good:

Renaissance Woman/City Boho/Dressed Up Bohemian: elle_reniassancewoman

Princess-turned-peasant” is the vibe here- velvet, bell sleeves, corsets & flowy pieces make up this look. Please find the balance so you don’t look a Renaissance-looking wench who met someone who crawled from under a rock at Woodstock. Unless, of course, that’s what you’re going for, and if that’s the case… we can’t help you. Photo credit

Pumpkin Spice (it’s not just for lattes):

Pumpkin-Spice-600x446It’s a gorgeous color on a variety of skin tones. Jean just discovered this color, and it looks amazing on her! Now you can go to Starbucks in your pumpkin spice wardrobe piece(s) and order your pumpkin spiced latte (which contains no actual pumpkin) and see if your barista gets your subtle humor. Please, we’re begging you, do tell us if they do. Photo credit

Shearling Bomber Jackets: sher

New colors abounded on the runways. Always cool. Just maybe not with a pink satin dress and sneakers, as we saw in one runway pic. Photo credit 

Tinsel & Metallic: tinselmetallics

Let’s start with the tinsel…We implore you, only in small doses (we kinda think the tinsel is in the Bad category). We’d rather not look like a reiteration of 1970s fake christmas tree. There are many variations of the metallic look we’re liking, but remember, we use to make fun of those grandmas and Las Vegas party looks. 99.9% of us are not runways models. Go for moderation. Tinsel Metallic photo credits

Embellished Guitar Straps on Purses: Valentino-Rockstud-Shoulder-Bag

We can dig it. Honestly, we think craft show folks founded this long before high fashion. Paige saw these several years ago at a San Francisco crafter’s fair, and almost bought one for $75, and it looked pretty similar to this one. Apparently, now we can buy one for $7500 because high fashion caught on to the crafty trend. Photo credit

Nod to Mod Mini Skirt Suits: minis

Sophisticated, updated mod styles. Cher & Dionne made the mini skirt suits totally amazing again in the 90s (oh yes, darlings, the 90s are back). All are a throwback to a much earlier day, though. One article suggested pairing with a white tee (yes), and a hoodie (don’t you dare). We dig the retro vibe, though, but we don’t know why the girl on the right looks so angry, ’cause her suit is totes adorbs… maybe a chesseburger would help. Photo credit

Capelets & Cross Body Fur Stoles: capestole

The capelets are retro and chic – we approve. Although the gal on the top right in a leotard, hose, and a capelet… We want to know is she really worried about staying warm at that point? We live in the brutal winters of northern New England – we want form and function. The asymmetrical draping is supposedly what makes the stoles ‘new’ (Sure. This is a somewhat classic look, but say asymmetrical, and all the sudden, it’s ‘new’); as long as the stole doesn’t look like Chewbacca’s ass on your shoulder (bottom, 2nd in from right), they might be cute.  Capelet Stole photo credits

The Statement Choker:choke

We say go minimal on the outfit, and let the accessory shine, otherwise you might look like you need a leash. But have fun with it, because it is fun! Photo credit

Pant Suits (we warned you the 90s were back): pantsuits-trend

A good suit is a worthy investment. This season, it’s tailored jackets, menswear-inspired patterns, and chic brogues/loafers. We totally get the lengthening concept behind pinstripes, but please do not go overboard with the menswear look. Looser fits with flow, fine (left pic). But we have curves, so look for some kind of tailoring that flatters those gorgeous curves and doesn’t make you look like you’re wearing a potato sack. Saggy drawers (like the middle photo)? Nope. And the stacked loafers. We don’t care if they’re in. They’re fugly. Photo credit

Fall Florals: fall-florals-trend

Spring and Fall, florals have their place. The ones we’ve seen look bold & gorgeous. Dig into that feminine side, we say! Careful of the tops that put two flowers on your tatas, though. Photo credit

Patent Leather Trench Coats:patent

Part fashion, part function – it doubles as a raincoat. We like designers who give us double-duty pieces. If only they made the cool froggie one for grownups. Photo credit

Metal & Tied Details:

tiedmetalApparently, sewing machines needed a rest. Go ahead, tie/chain your coat & pants together. It’s in fashion. Forget buttons. There were some more subtle variations that we liked (see below), which is why we kept this in the good…  Just watch out for looking like a dominatrix. Photo creditstied.jpgphoto credit

The Navy Overcoat: navy

We love it. Never, ever goes out of style, even for sailors. Photo credit

Velvet: velvet

We’re seriously so glad this is back in vogue. Now, you can feel yourself up without anyone really wondering why. Photo credit

Bare Your Shoulders: ots.jpgonearm

Off the shoulder is still having it’s spotlight, but now you can dare to bare one arm. Forget the other one, it might be lost in that extra long sleeve (see useless category). We all have a writing hand, hopefully your extra long sleeve is attached to the non-writing hand. Off shoulder & one shoulder photo credits


Plaid comes and goes, but the subtle plaids have a timeless vibe. This season think upgraded cuts and styles. But we’re kinda diggin’ some of the bolder prints, as well. Photo credit

Gloves: gloves

This season it’s embellished, it’s ornate, it’s over the top, and we love it! Besides, dammit, it’s cold outside. Photo credit

Shades of Color: tan-color-trend.pngkellygreen.jpg

Tan was all over the runway. Go figure. But we so love the kelly green and every other shade that appeared – we’re color gals. Monochromatic has its place – it can actually create a column effect & lengthen your silhouette – however, buy into the splashes of color these bright hues can add to your painfully basic black, brown, and gray wardrobe – you know who you are. See the colors that adorned the runwayTan and Green photo credits

Pink & Yellow:dusty-pink-yellow-trend

Sounds like an easter egg explosion, right? Actually, we’re loving the plays on the deeper jewel tones and the richer rose and mustard hues mixed together. Some of y’all need to brighten up that painfully basic black, brown, and gray wardrobe. You need to branch out. We’re just sayin’. Photo credit

The Bad:

Schoolgirl Jumpers & Turtlenecks Under Dresses:layering

uniOh goody, the 90s have come back in. Just remember, that whole Catholic schoolgirl thing is a fantasy for some. There are so few we’ve seen that we liked, which is why we dumped this in the Bad. We’ll say we saw a few in a high end store that were nice… but, the price was equally as lovely. We’ve yet to see this in an everyday store where it didn’t look like a school uniform piece. You’re no longer in parochial school. Move on.  Photo credits

Puffers Paired with Evening Wear:

pufferNope… we believe the following: you dress up, you wear a nice coat. Puffies are not dress wear. We don’t care what high fashion thinks. Photo credit

David Bowie Boots: boots

We loved that man & his music, but nope. He should’ve taken this style with him to the grave. Block heel – love. Disco boots went out for a reason. Photo credits

1980s Power One-Shoulder & RUFFLES: 80s

Imagine your worst 80s prom & bridesmaid dresses mated and their babies are this Fall’s arms, collars, and bottom adornments. This should make you shutter. Photo credits

Hoodies & Androgynous 90s Street Wear: hoodie.jpg

When did hoodies become high fashion? Isn’t this what you throw on to lounge around?? And if you’re going to walk around in a hoodie and sweats saying you’re fashionable…Just.. Don’t. And get the logo off your ass, too. Really, this is what you want people to stare at? Just because high fashion says hoodies are ‘in’ does not make it ok to walk around in your gym clothes all day, either. Go home and take a shower and get dressed for real. And gal on the left? Darth Vader is ready to be put in cargo for his flight. WTF? If you wear this, may the force be with you. Photo credit

Weird Ways to Hold Your Bag:purse

Apparently, that bold statement necklace can now double as a purse holder, and you can rub your deodorant all over your handbag by wearing it right under your armpit. Best of all? You can now buy a designer fanny pack for God knows how many thousands of dollars. Highlight: a purse snatcher would really have to work to get these off your body. And we didn’t realize the one on the right was ‘weird.’ Photo credit

Statement Furs: fur.jpg

When we say statement, we mean statement. And not all of them are faux. If you want all eyes on you, go for it. Just stay away from PETA rallies.We’re not really fur people, fake or not, which is why we put this in the bad. Photo credit

The Useless:

If you can figure how this will honestly trickle down with any use, we’re all ears.

Extra long sleeves: sleeve

Ummm… form vs function here. Maybe in a coat (but we didn’t see any we liked), because yeah! warm hands. In a top? How the fuck am I going to type? Cook? Brush my teeth? Wipe me bum? Clearly we live in a different world than those who are adorned with high fashion. Photo credits



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