Honest Stitch Fix Review

If you’ve been considering trying one of the online personal shopping sites, we have experience with Stitch Fix. As a disclaimer, we are not getting paid to make these claims, and we’re not trolling for free stuff; if we were getting free stuff, we’d be damned pleased with ourselves. But that’s not the case today. Our goal is to give you serious and honest feedback if you’re wanting to explore this service further, and give you tips to make your experience with this service better. 

In short, this is the way Stitch Fix works: you set up an account, take a style quiz, give them some basic info about yourself, and then they send you 5 pieces on a regular basis (or whenever you schedule a Fix). You try on the pieces, keep what you love, and send the rest back in their enclosed pre-paid return envelope. There is a $20 styling fee affixed to each Fix, but this is applied to the pieces you keep. If you keep all 5 pieces, then you get a 25% discount on the entire purchase. You do have to put a credit card on file, but neither of us have had a single issue with any site we’ve ever done this with. There is also the convenience of an app you can put on your phone, and it is just as functional as the website.

After some very hit or miss Fixes on both our parts, we both were ready to cancel, but then learned a few tips that have dramatically changed the clothing we get in our Fixes. We now really like Stitch Fix, but it took some learning, and we’re here to pass along our tips so you can have equal success!

Spend time setting up your account: This allows you to get the most from each package that arrives. Measure yourself, and be honest. The goal is to get clothes that look and feel great on you. If your weight is changing, keep this updated. Paige has small shoulders and is short (5’ 3”), so petites sometimes work for her, but after getting a few petite tops from brands that are made for Stitch Fix, she realized their petite tops were too tight across the chest, and changed this in her profile to no more petite tops. Let your profile information be as fluid and changing as it needs to be.

Add a note to your stylist: You’ll get an email saying your Fix is about to be styled, and link you to a box to give your stylist information. Take the time to do this before each Fix, and be specific. And when we say specific, we mean specific. Jean noted before one Fix that she was going on “vacation to a warmer climate” & asked for some “pieces that would be fun.” The pieces she got were basic and bland, and grey, white, and tan in color. What she really wanted was a pretty dress she could have dressed down in the day and up at night, and some colorful mix and match tops and shorts. She assumed “pieces that would be fun” would get her what she wanted. We learned from this the more exact and detailed you are with what you want, the more likely you are to get things you’ll like. Which leads us to our next point:

Set up a Pintrest boardTAKE THE TIME TO DO THIS and keep it updated regularly. Stitch Fix asks you to label your board My Stitch Fix Style, and it’s an easy link to your account in the setup process. Once created, the stylists can see your tastes, what patterns you’re liking, accessories you find intriguing, etc. Now here’s the tiny extra,  quick, and imperative step, in our humble opinion: Tell them why you like – is it the cut, print, style, how it’s paired together, whatever… you may not like the dress print, but you love the style, or visa-versa. The more detailed you are, the more each Fix will be catered to your liking, and honestly, we’re fully on board with Stitch Fix’s belief that they are looking to cater to you. We both have Pinned This Just In (Stitch Fix new release) items before our Fixes, and said in the comments, “PLEASE put in next Fix!!! Love print, cut, style!” And wha-bammo, it arrives in all its glory, and we feel catered to.

Their fashion blog & Pintrest board. Their emails are infrequent, but link to their blog and board. Don’t dump the email – open it & Pin the ideas you like to your My Stitch Fix Style board. We both schedule our Fixes (a glorious feature) to get pieces when we want them, so as the trends and seasons change, we’ve learned we need to check out what’s trending at that moment for Stitch Fix, and match that with what we’re liking; this allows the match-making love work on both sides of the coin. If you wait, like Paige did – she pinned several early summer pieces and asked for them in her next Fix, which wasn’t scheduled until mid-summer – she didn’t get anything she asked for. It’s all a game of chance in getting exact pieces, but if the piece is a This Just In piece and you Pin it right before your shipment is scheduled with the comment “Please put in my Fix,” we’ve found that chances are good you can get that exact piece.

Not getting what you want: Don’t be too sad if you don’t get an exact piece you want or things you don’t like. We’ve found the more specific we are with our account and My Stitch Fix Style Boards, the more the stylists are trying to cater to us. We may not get an exact piece, but we get comparable pieces our stylists feel we’ll like based on our specificity. And the stylists will comment on this in your personal note – in Paige’s last Fix, the stylist commented she was sorry she couldn’t find the dresses Paige had Pinned and specifically asked for, but she thought the cut, prints, and materials in the two dresses that were sent would match her style and liking, and she was absolutely spot on! Those dresses weren’t the ones Paige had asked for, but she loved them! The note proved that the stylists are indeed looking to cater to you and paying attention to the commentary you leave on your Pintrest board. And whatever pieces you don’t love, just send back. And if the size is wrong, sometimes Stitch Fix will have another size for exchange – again, just depending on piece, timing, etc.

Be flexible with what your stylist sends: We’ve both had our Fix arrive, only to tear open the box, and pull out a piece, and have one side of our lip curl up. But this is the absolute must: TRY ON EVERY SINGLE PIECE! Some pieces look meh until you put them on your body, and the piece of clothing magically awakens! Please trust us on this tip. Just try it on!

Now, we are gals who are comfortable around each other, so when we get our Fixes, we call each other via FaceTime and try on the pieces over the computer/phone screen. Paige’s husband walked in when she was trying on her last Fix as she was changing in front of a computer screen with Jean’s face on it. Needless to say, his face was priceless. He commented, “You would NEVER see guys doing this, for the record.” Nope, you’re probably right there, honey. Our point is this – consider having an honest pair of eyes look at the pieces when you try them on, and hubby isn’t always the best bet. We’ve cultivated an honest gal-pal relationship with each other where we are brutally honest about fashion, and we’ve save each other from disaster.

But, the upside of sharing these pieces when we try them on is that we’ve both found we have interests in styles we didn’t realize – like the Boho look. Have you ever tried on a piece of clothing and questioned it – felt like maybe you could like it, but weren’t totally sure? A good friend with a critical eye is able to help you see things you might not see. Because of this, we’ve both found we like pieces our stylists have sent that were otherwise out of our comfort zone. That’s the cool thing about your stylist, she will send along pieces that match a print or cut you’ve expressed interest in, but might be a style you weren’t thinking about, and when you try it on, especially with the help of a good friend, you find a piece you love!

Pricing fluidity: Stitch Fix lets you set your budget – an incredible feature – and keep this fluid, just as everything else should be. If it goes up or down, or you simply want to spend more on a special piece(s), make this change and comment in the note section.

Check out commentary: Again, this is something we think is critical commentary, regardless of liking or disliking a piece. And remember the commentary on exactness…

So here is Paige’s current Fix:

Skies are Blue Marleen Dress for $58

(you love her owl phone case, I know!!) This is a dress she Pinned because of the funky print, and she loves sheath-style dresses; however, this came in as a Medium petite, and it was too tight around the hips. As you can see in the right-side picture, it just isn’t remotely flattering, unless she wants to highlight that darling pooch. Loved the idea, loathed the execution. Her comment in checkout, “Love the sheath style and funky print, but as a petite dress, this needed to go up a size. Way too tight around hips.” She asked for an exchange, but this wasn’t available in the next size up.



She doesn’t remember the name of this shirt, as the card and info went to the recycling center with the box the day after the Fix came, but honestly, she flat out didn’t like the print. And that was her comment on checkout, “Like the crochet detailing around neck and sleeves, really dislike print.”


Tory Distressed Ankle Zip Skinny Jean for $98

Paige has gotten several pairs of jeans from Stitch Fix and loves the fit of all of them. She’s as

Love the zipper detailing!

ked for mildly distressed, and her stylists have always come through! These fit like a glove, in a good way – they have awesome stretch to them, and there is a super-cute ankle zipper detail! It’s a serious win when you score a great pair of jeans!


cute Boho style top!


Wilson Tie Neck blouse for $58

This is a piece Paige Pinned and commented that she loved the color and print, and it was available! See, you might get what you want if you’re specific! How cute is this with the skinny jeans!?!

Jovonie V-neck Eyelet Dress for $98

j’adore!!!! Navy cotton eyelet with a hot pink, silky under-layer. Fits like a dream, flattering, easy to dress up or down… WINNER!

So in the end, Paige kept 3 pieces, and her bill was $224 after the $20 styling fee was deducted. For a beautiful dress, a great pair of jeans (come on ladies, we all know this is a priceless item), and a super-cute top, not a bad deal.  And here’s the thing… if she had loved all 5 pieces, and they fit properly, she wouldn’t have paid a whole lot more for the whole Fix, after the 25% off discount. So, it pays (literally) to be super specific and on top of your style game!

Are you ready to get your fashion Fix? What experiences have you had with any other fashion services like this? We’d like to know. If you have experiences with Stitch Fix or other online styling services, go to the Contact Page, and drop us a note! We’d love to highlight your experience!


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