Stay Classy

Ever had one of those moments when you think no one is looking, and then you’re caught in an act that you wish – for the love of all that is good and kind, you just wish – NO ONE had seen it.

That was me the other morning – I was dressed to impress, makeup on, and adorned with über-cool shades, and was eating my PB&J English muffin while I was driving and running late. Story of my life. It was delicious homemade grape jelly on the muffin, the kind that oozes out and makes a mess, and it is just so good. But what was I thinking taking this as a to-go breakfast on the run?!

I’m the first to pull up to a stoplight, and I think I’m in the clear…the jelly has oozed all over three of my fingers and my palm, so I just start licking it all away. It’s all the way down to my rings, and as I’m still trying to hold the remains of the muffin in my other hand, I am licking my fingers like a happy little two year old might lick a popsicle on a hot summer day. Except I’m a woman in my 40s, and this is jelly. On my hands.

Tongue out, a truck pulls up next to me with two big guys in it. I am caught in this childish, messy act red-handed, and as I cut my eyes over towards them, they are just laughing. I can only OWN IT at this point, and laugh right along with them. I did that little finger wave and smiled, and just laughed as the light to turned green.

I could have shrunk in my seat, or I could have joined them in laughing at me; the choice was mine. Because it was pretty funny, and I’d have laughed at someone if I saw them doing this, I could only laugh at myself. Besides, I’m pretty sure I made their morning based on the winks I got 😉

Just own it. Whatever you’re doing, whatever you’re wearing, however you’re acting, or whatever you’re saying. Be Dangerously Beautiful and just own it.

What are your cringe-worthy, laughable moments? We want to know!

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